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Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac: Video Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac: Video Hot

Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac: Video


Rare moment of baby born inside amniotic sac

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Amazing - Child is born still inside Amniotic Sac - happens to just one in every 80,000 babies

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An amazing and beautiful video doing rounds on social media sites purports to show the rare moment of a Born Baby still intact inside Amniotic Sac, saying it happens to just one in every 80,000 babies. Yes, the video showing beautiful moments of born baby breathing and moving inside his amniotic sac is a fact.

Caul Baby Birth

The video shows a Baby "Born with the Caul," encased in its Amniotic Sac, traditionally known as Caul (Latin: Caput galeatum, literally, "head helmet"). Being born with a caul is rare; it occurs in less than 1 in 80,000 births. In such cases, the amniotic sac balloons out at birth, and the child remains inside of the unbroken or partially broken membrane. The video was shared on Facebook in late August 2016 by Actor, Producer Trevor Donovan with below description and it garnered millions of views:

During this C section, the sac didn't burst and the baby is unaware that it's even outside of the womb! It's still receiving oxygen and nutrients from the umbilical cord! Life is beautiful and miraculous.

The Caul, i.e. Amniotic Sac is harmless and is easily removed by the doctor or midwife. The second video shows another similar incredible Caul footage capturing the moment a baby is freed from its amniotic sac. There's other aspect to this kind of condition, the "En-caul birth," where a baby or a child is born with a portion of the amniotic sac or membrane remaining on the head and face. Most "en-caul" births occur in premature births.

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En Caul Baby Birth

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Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac: Video
Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac: Video

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