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Bear Walks Upright Like a Human: Video Bear Walks Upright Like a Human: Video Hot

Bear Walks Upright Like a Human: Video


Bear Walks Upright Like a Human.

Hoax or Fact:



Couple of videos that made rounds online claimed to show a Bear (or bears) walking upright like a human in New Jersey. Most viewers doubted the videos and thought the bear could be a prankster in a bear costume. It isn't, the videos are real.

The first video was supposedly shot by Ian Bohman at 5:50 am on 4 Aug. 2014 outside his home in Jefferson Township, Oak Ridge, New Jersey. In the video, the amazing bear stands up and starts walking around like a human, taking a stroll through the neighborhood. At one point, the bear walks up to a trashcan, looks into it, and then keeps walking on two foot, before creeping away into the woods. The YouTube video titled 'Just a bear walking upright like a human' soon went viral online, receiving millions of views and gathering much curiosity. Many also wondered if it is really possible.

Another Video

Back on 19 July 2014, Greg Macgowan uploaded a video (second one in this article) to YouTube titled 'Oak ridge nj bipedal bear'. As you can see, it shows the same bear in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, walking like a human, across a street into an abandoned property. Some people speculated that the bear is injured, and is walking on its hind legs.

Tracked by Woodlands Wildlife Refuge

Officials from Woodlands Wildlife Refuge have in fact known about this injured bear since June 2014. Tracy Leaver, the executive director of the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge said that the black bear has an injury to both front legs, including its paws and possibly an elbow. The officials also said that such a behavior is not out of the ordinary, especially for a bear with injuries to both front legs. They suggested people to leave the injured bear alone and let it heal on its own. According to the wildlife officials monitoring the animal, the bear is expected to make a full recovery. They also added an update about the upright bear on their Facebook page.

Though it's interesting to watch the bear walk upright like a human, let us wish and pray that the animal will recover soon and walk in its natural way.


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Bear Walks Upright Like a Human: Video

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