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Chicken Hypnosis by a Simple Straight Line - Facts Chicken Hypnosis by a Simple Straight Line - Facts Hot

Chicken Hypnosis by a Simple Straight Line - Facts


If you hold the head of a chicken still and draw a straight line while chicken is looking at it, it will be hypnotized for 30 minutes. 

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some misinformation. 


The message claims that one can easily hypnotize a Chicken for 30 minutes by simply holding it down still and drawing a straight line in front of it. Yes, it is a fact, although not all chickens can be hypnotized for 30 minutes like this.

Animal hypnosis is a popular phenomenon around the world and has been used from centuries, as a means to pacify, relax and make them still during moments of fear and stress. Not just chickens, even cats, dogs, horses and cows can be hypnotized, but since chickens are delicate animals, they are easy to hypnotize.

How to Hypnotize a Chicken

    1. Find a flat surface like a sidewalk or flat ground. You will need a piece of chalk or a stick to draw the line.
    2. Hold both the feet of the chicken in one hand and place it down gently on its breast. Make sure its head/beak is seeing the flat ground.
    3. Wave the chalk or stick in front of the chicken to grab its attention, and then draw a straight line of about 12" to 18" starting from the end of the chicken's beak. In case the chicken is not hypnotized yet, repeat drawing the same line.
    4. The chicken will focus its vision on your finger and the line drawn, eventually become entranced and getting hypnotized.
      It will stop struggling, even when you release its legs, and will lie there still for anywhere between 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on how deeply it was hypnotized.

The video shows two little kids doing the same trick, hypnotizing a chicken successfully. Note that prolonged hypnosis can be harmful to the chicken, as the hypnotized one may not wake up unless you wake it up by clapping your hands or moving it. Interestingly, even a Turkey can be hypnotized the same way. Watch it here.


How to Hypnotize Animals

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Chicken Hypnosis by a Simple Straight Line - Facts
Chicken Hypnosis by a Simple Straight Line - Facts

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