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Man with Nose on his Forehead in China – Facts Man with Nose on his Forehead in China – Facts Hot

Man with Nose on his Forehead in China – Facts


This Chinese man grows nose on his forehead.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some missing information.


The message comes with an odd looking picture claiming to show a Chinese man growing nose on his forehead. The picture is genuine, the story is a fact, but does not give complete information.

The man shown in the picture is Xiaolian, a 22 year old in Fuzhou, China, but as such he is not growing a nose on his forehead by himself. The nose is grown on his forehead by Chinese Surgeons.

Xiaolian met with a traffic accident in August 2012 that damaged his nose. He neglected this injury, which caused an infection corroding the cartilage in his nose. The surgeons found it impossible to fix his original nose, so they came up with this idea of growing a nose on Xiaolian's forehead.

The nose was grown by placing a skin tissue expander under the man's forehead, cutting it into the shape of a nose and then planting a cartilage taken from his ribs. This nose on forehead was allowed to grow for nine months, after which the surgeons now say that it is in good shape and that it will be transplanted in the place of his original nose soon. The video shown is a news report that explains this procedure.

Although the nose on forehead looks new and extreme, this kind of nose reconstruction technique is rather common and is not much different from plastic surgery techniques. Mr. Shehan Hettiaratchy, the Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust explains the case saying the forehead is a traditional place to get extra tissue from to rebuild a nose.


New nose grown by surgeons to replace original one
Man's 'forehead nose' a common reconstruction technique

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Man with Nose on his Forehead in China – Facts
Man with Nose on his Forehead in China – Facts

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