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Mystery of Chupacabra, the Blood Sucking Monster - Hoax Analysis Mystery of Chupacabra, the Blood Sucking Monster - Hoax Analysis Hot

Mystery of Chupacabra, the Blood Sucking Monster - Hoax Analysis

Chupacabra ("goat sucker") is an animal said to be unknown to science and systemically killing animals in various places around world. 

Other Versions 

1. Chupacabra is a hideous creature that drank the blood of the goats and chickens. 

2. Chupacabras are blood thirsty monsters that are reported to have killed several animals, living in the world's desolate deserts and dense forests. 


Hoax or Fact:


The messages talk about one of the most popular modern mysteries - the Chupacabra, a blood sucking monster, which is claimed to have been killing many animals across world. While most of the incidents reported about Chupacabra did happen, there is nothing mysterious or monstrous about this creature. Extensive research has confirmed that Chupacabra is not a monster, but an animal. The stories about mysterious Chupacabra are hoaxes.

Mystery of Chupacabra

The stories about Chupacabra first started in March 1995 in Puerto Rico, when dead, blood-drained goats began showing up. Later that year in August, a newspaper printed an eyewitness description of the incident. Madelyne Tolentino was the person who said that it was a bipedal creature, about 4 to 5 feet tall, having spikes down its back, also with long, thin arms and legs, an alienlike oblong head and red or black eyes. Post this description, the creature was called El Chupacabra, which translates to "goat sucker".

Since then, there were many other reports of similar creatures and incidents, throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico and Florida. This is how El Chupacabra became a mystery monster over the years. Even in 2004, when something began attacking the livestock in Texas, people believed that El Chupacabra turned up again. The video on right is a news report of one such incident in Texas, which also shows the creature. Some of the other stories also blamed Chupcabra for the killings of cats, dogs, chickens, sheep, rabbits, ducks, hogs and other animals. People related Chupacabra to vampires, beasts and other fictional and mythical characters. There were many mystery books and novels written about Chupacabra, it became a part of many television mystery shows, and was also featured in many films such as Scooby-Doo and Monster of Mexico.

Mystery of Chupacabra Solved

In 2008, Benjamin Radford, a research fellow with the committee for Skeptical Inquiry studied into the original incidents of Chupacabra and gave a conclusion that the eyewitness in Puerto Rico, Madelyne Tolentino's description of the creature cannot be trusted. This is because the description was based on a creature called Sil of the science fiction, horror film Species. Also, the autopsy tests performed on the dead animals never reported of blood-sucking by the Chupacabra. Veterinarians who analyzed around 300 reported animal victims of the Chupacabra found that they were not bled dry.

The animal DNA tests of Texas incident later revealed that it was not something mysterious or monstrous Chupacabra, but a Coyote with a severe case of Mange - a parasitic skin disease. Further, in October 2010, biologist Barry O'Connor of the University of Michigan studied all these Chupacabra cases in United States and concluded that they were simply Dogs and Coyotes that were infected with the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei. The symptoms of this skin disease explained the so called mysterious features of the Chupacabras: left with little fur, thickened skin, and rank odour. The biologist also explained that because these Coyotes were greatly weakened by the disease, they would have had hard time hunting, so they chose to attack livestock animals like goats, because it's easier when compared to running down for a rabbit or a deer. Such dogs and coyotes can also kill, but not consume the prey, either because of their inexperience, due to injury, or difficulty in killing the prey.

The mystery of Chupacabras is therefore solved, they were not beasts or monsters, but Dogs and Coyotes that were diseased. You can see couple of 'Chupacabra' pictures in the image section below.

El Chupacabra Mystery

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Mystery of Chupacabra, the Blood Sucking Monster - Hoax Analysis
Mystery of Chupacabra, the Blood Sucking Monster - Hoax Analysis
Mystery of Chupacabra, the Blood Sucking Monster - Hoax Analysis
Mystery of Chupacabra, the Blood Sucking Monster - Hoax Analysis

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