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'Remains' of Mythological Kappa to Go on Show in Japan: Facts 'Remains' of Mythological Kappa to Go on Show in Japan: Facts Hot

'Remains' of Mythological Kappa to Go on Show in Japan: Facts


'Remains' of mythological Kappa to go on show in Japan.

These the bones of a water demon.

Other Versions 

The Mummified Remains of Unidentified Creature are Proof of the Mythological Kappa.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly hoax.


These messages shared widely online claim that two mummified remains of unidentified creature will be shown in Japan as proof of the Mythological Kappa. Yes, it is a fact that two bone remains will be shown as proof of the water demon in Japan, but the claim, as a matter of fact, is possibly hoax.

What is Kappa?

Kappa is said to be a scaly green or blue water demon, around the same size as a child; a monster reptile with webbed feet. According to Japanese folklore, Kappa, which means ‘river child,’ jumps out of its watery habitat sometimes to pull pranks, and attacks women and disobedient little children. The mischievous troublemaker is illustrated in various colors, shapes and features, and is so popular that there are more than 80 different names for the Kappa in different regions of Japan.

Mummified Remains

The 'remains' of mythological Kappa, which include a foot and a webbed hand, are to be shown at the Miyakonijo Shimazu Residence in Miyazaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan. The mummified remains of Kappa are said to have been given to the family of Miyakonijo Shimazu after it was supposedly shot on a riverbank in 1818. It is the believers of the water demon who show the bones as a ‘proof’ of the mythical creature’s existence.

The Facts

The Kappa is a popular folk legend in Japan, and this is not the first time such claims have come up. Some of these claims even originated from Edo-period artists (1603 to 1867) who used parts of animals like monkeys, owls and stingrays. Despite these numerous claims, scientists could not confirm the existence of the mysterious creature.

Some people in Japan think the legend of the Kappa is connected with the sightings of the Japanese Giant Salamander, an aggressive lizard which is around the same size that grabs its prey with its formidable jaws.

The mythological creature Kappa appears like one of those dangerous creatures that have been used over the years to warn children about the dangers of playing near water. This Japanese story of Kappa reminds us of another legendary Loch Ness monster that is said to be spotted on Apple Maps.


Are these the bones of a water demon? 'Remains' of mythological Kappa to go on show in Japan
Are mummified remains of unidentified creature proof of the mythological Kappa?

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'Remains' of Mythological Kappa to Go on Show in Japan: Facts

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