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Spraying Vinegar & Water Mix will De-ice Your Windshield : Facts Spraying Vinegar & Water Mix will De-ice Your Windshield : Facts Hot

Spraying Vinegar & Water Mix will De-ice Your Windshield : Facts


Spray vinegar & water mix to immediately melt windshield ice.

Other Versions

Mix 2/3 cup of vinegar and 1/3 cup of water and spray on icy windows to clear them.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


This tip of de-icing your windshield using a mix of Vinegar and Water keeps circulating via. social media, especially around the time of freezing weather. It is said that a mixture of vinegar and water in the ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 used as a spray on icy windshields and glass will clear them.

Vinegar and water is generally used to clean windows. The mixture of vinegar and water was originally used to prevent and stop ice from building on a windshield, as stated by the Glass Doctor. This is because it freezes to the glass before the rain does, but unfortunately, there are some concerns that vinegar can eat pits into the windshield glass. However, some people from the automobile industry say that vinegar is commonly used in glass cleaning solutions and is far too weak acid to cause the pitting damage. So there is no clear rule as to how effective the mixture of vinegar and water will be in preventing or removing ice from windshield. It is possible that if the vinegar is not wiped off after application, long-term exposure of it to the exterior of your car may cause damage to the painted surfaces, seals, and chrome.

In general, it is a good idea to cover the windshield and glasses of your vehicle before hand, so that you can remove the accumulated ice or snow easily. When that is not possible, you can turn on your car to loosen some of the snow or ice built up and, likewise, warm the inside of the car up before you enter. If needed, you can even turn on the defroster underneath the windshield and blast some hot air out. This will help in melting the coldest snow at the bottom. Then you can remove all the ice or snow using a strong ice scraper, and then clean the glass. If you do not have the time and patience to follow these natural de-icing steps, there are commercial de-icer products available in the market that will quickly de-ice your vehicle with minimal effort.

If you plan to try the vinegar method, it is better to dilute it well with water and avoid contact with painted surfaces, seals, and chrome; and to wipe it off promptly after application. Also make sure the water used is not hot or warm, as it can crack your windshield.


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Spraying Vinegar & Water Mix will De-ice Your Windshield : Facts
Spraying Vinegar & Water Mix will De-ice Your Windshield : Facts

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