White Peacocks – Do they exist? – Facts Analysis

Picture: White Peacocks - Do they exist
White Peacocks - Do they exist


Several pictures like this were circulating online claiming that such white colored peacocks do exist, and that they are a beautiful creation of mother nature.



These are indeed real pictures of white peacocks. These are actually Albino Peacocks, which are white as a result of a rare disease called albinism, a congenital absence of pigmentation in skin, hair, and eyes. Albino Peacocks have perfectly clean bodies. They do not have variegated feathers, and have pale red eyes. They dance beautifully, and resemble like a beautiful and dignified girl who is wearing a white wedding dress.

Picture of White Peacock
White Peacock
Picture of Albino Peacock
Albino Peacock

Mentioned below in the reference section is a half albino peacock with white and blue colored body.

Hoax or Fact:



White Peacocks
Albino Peacock on Wiki
Half Albino Peacock

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