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Always Use Left Ear while Talking on Mobile Phone - Facts Analysis Always Use Left Ear while Talking on Mobile Phone - Facts Analysis Hot

Always Use Left Ear while Talking on Mobile Phone - Facts Analysis


Fact: Always use left ear for mobile phones. 

Please use left ear while using cell (mobile), because if you use the right one it will affect brain directly. This is a true fact from Apollo medical team. Please forward to all your well wishers.

Other Versions

Use only Left Ear when using Mobile Phones, and avoid using Right Ear, as that makes our brain more prone to mobile radiation, Please share this info with your loved ones!!!!!!! Share.

Hoax or Fact:



The message suggests mobile phone users to use their left ear while talking, claiming that if right ear is used, the radiation from the mobile phone will affect the brain directly. Although there are concerns about radiation effects of mobile phone usage on brain, there is no evidence as of now to prove that using left ear will reduce it.

As mentioned in the message, there is no such warning or notice from 'Apollo medical team', and currently there is no particular evidence to say that using left ear will reduce the radiation effects of mobile phone usage on human brain. However, the graphic and the information provided in it are facts. As the copyright information suggests, it is taken from a piece of article of Graphic News agency website, which is published on 20 June, 2002:

Mobile phone radiation

A two-year-long study carried out in Finland suggests that microwaves from cell phone handsets can damage cells in the blood-brain barrier, the vital membrane that protects the brain from toxins.

A related article on The Guardian talks about this Finnish study led by a scientist named Darius Leszczynski, who works for Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. The Graphic explains how the cell phone microwave radiation can alter and possibly damage the cells in blood-brain barrier, a screening system that protects brain from toxins and microorganisms. Prof. Leszczynski concluded saying:

"I would not yet say it is worrying ... but in my opinion this research does justify putting more money into human studies to find out whether this is a real danger."

So, the study of 2002 only raised concerns about cell phone microwave radiation - its effect on brain cells, but no where it is mentioned that using left ear instead of the right one can reduce this possible damage. Therefore, the message is a hoax.


Graphic Source: Graphic News - Mobile phone radiation
Mobile phone radiation could alter brain cells, study suggests

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