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Rent Installation of Mobile/WiFi Tower in Your Free/Residential Space: Scam Rent Installation of Mobile/WiFi Tower in Your Free/Residential Space: Scam Hot

Rent Installation of Mobile/WiFi Tower in Your Free/Residential Space: Scam


Install 4G Internet WiFi Tower in 72 Hours on Your Free Space and Land Monthly Rent 70000 Adv 45 Lakh, 5 Lakh Family Cover Mediclaim Contact (number)

Other Versions 

1. Call (mobile number) for Aircel/MTS company mobile tower installation on residential site monthly rent is 45,000 and get advance 30 lacs and job for one person with salary 15000

2. (Hindi)

3G/4G WiFi Tower
72 ghanto me apni khali zameen ya khet par lagvye rent 55,000 Rs.
Advance 45 LAC Rs.
5 LAC Rs. Medi Claim
Call Now (number)

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.


Since few years we have seen different online and print 'advertisements' claiming to offer 3G/4G Mobile/WiFi Tower installation in your free space and land for a good amount of monthly rent. Some versions even went on to offer a job for one person. Do not get carried away with those too good to be true mobile installation offers, they are hoaxes and in fact part of a popular scam.

About Mobile Tower Fraud

Mobile tower rental business offers are a new and popular form of mass marketing fraud happening in some countries, especially in Indian subcontinent. With the boom of telecommunication infrastructure in India to meet the socioeconomic requirements of the country, mass marketing fraudsters found a criminal opportunity in it. To get in touch with potential public victims, the fraudsters post tempting advertisements in classified columns of both print and online media, also through email, SMS, social media and telephone calls. To appear credible, they use names of well-known mobile or government telecom sectors. Along with mobile numbers, they also provide websites and even toll-free numbers to target mass audience through call centres.

How It Operates

Mobile tower fraud operates with characteristics of advance fee and related, where the central scheme is to offer installation of a mobile tower in the victim's property - luring them with the promise of huge rental income. Once someone approaches them on phone, the fraudulent team play different roles of a Company to convince (deceive) their offer is genuine, and soon ask to deposit small registration amount for installation of mobile tower, along with their personal details. In some cases, to earn victim's trust, they also send fake documents like No Objection Certificates/Permissions for the installation of Tower issued by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Some even send a con man to the victim to survey the land prospects and again ask for money in the name of registration, taxes, insurance, clearance charges and others. Once they receive the money in their bank accounts with fake credentials, either they stop answering the calls or change their mobile contact numbers. Notably, the mobile tower fraudsters usually operate from other states which makes it difficult to trace them.

Unfortunately, even the literate people in Urban areas have been victims of this mobile tower fraud. Majority of the victims are from Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Owing to increase in number of such mobile tower frauds and complaints from victims, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a public notice on their website. The Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring Cells in Department of Telecommunications has also issued the public notice locally in various regional national newspapers. So do not give away your money before proper verification and authentication of any such offers. Victims of this mobile tower installation fraud are advised to take up the matter with the law enforcing agencies.

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Rent Installation of Mobile/WiFi Tower in Your Free/Residential Space: Scam
Rent Installation of Mobile/WiFi Tower in Your Free/Residential Space: Scam

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