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Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Scan Your Eyes : Facts Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Scan Your Eyes : Facts Hot

Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Scan Your Eyes : Facts


Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone Will Scan Your Eyes.

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Samsung's next Galaxy S5 will feature an iris scanner for security. It will scan your eye to verify your identity, taking facial recognition and fingerprint scanning just another step further.

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Messages spreading through social media sites claim that technology giant Samsung is coming up with 'Eye Scan' security feature in its next Smartphone Galaxy S5. Although the speculations are facts, they appear to be rumors for now.

The speculations originated from an article published in ZDNet Korea, which is a sister site to CNET. The article titled "Samsung structuring ‘QHD-Iris-Tizen’ tech line for 2014" reports that Samsung is coming up with QHD resolution, which is higher quality than full HD, iris verification system alternating the fingerprint verification technology, and a new Tizen OS as main technologies for 2014.

According to the report, the Quad HD (QHD) screen displays are incredibly sharp. While the recent high quality resolution smart phones use full HD resolution of 1920x1280, QHD resolution is 2560x1440 -- about 4 times clearer than the normal HD resolution. The next Samsung Smartphone, which is unnamed and presumed as Galaxy S5, is said to have both fingerprint sensors and iris scanners for security. The eye scanner is said to scan your iris and unlock your Smartphone without a passcode. ZDNet Korea reported that the iris verification technology was acquired by Samsung, and that it was learnt from Korea's Patent Office. Samsung did integrate eye-tracking technology into the Galaxy S4, which allows users to control its screen using only their eyes movement. So it is possible that the company is looking for a way to add a security element using the idea.

The report concluded that Samsung will be introducing the first QHD smart phone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2014. Also that it is unclear whether Samsung will be the first one to launch the QHD Smartphone, as China's VIVO and LG are also working on the same technology. At this point of time, we recommend that you take the news with a large grain of salt.

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Scan Your Eyes

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Scan Your Eyes : Facts
Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Scan Your Eyes : Facts

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