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Samsung to Release Bendable Phone Screen - Facts Analysis Samsung to Release Bendable Phone Screen - Facts Analysis Hot

Samsung to Release Bendable Phone Screen - Facts Analysis

Samsung set to market bendable mobile phone screens. 

Other Versions 

Samsung to market 'unbreakable, bendable' phones. 

Samsung To Launch Unbreakable, Bendable Phone Screen.  

Hoax or Fact:


The messages claim that Samsung is set to launch unbreakable, bendable phone screens soon. It is a fact.

On Jan. 9, 2013 at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Samsung showed off prototypes of both flexible and bendable screens that can change the phase of display technology. Samsung showcased a prototype of an OLED screen phone that could bend in both directions, and also a smartphone with an extended display on one side so that notifications can be read even when the phone is inside the case.

The Technology

Samsung called this bendable, foldable and rollable display technology as Youm Flexible. This breakthrough technology used OLEDs - organic light emitting diodes, which are super thin, light and colorful, and can be set on a flexible material like plastic or metal foil. The technology is so advanced that Samsung has set up a separate division to develop flexible screens.

At the show, Samsung also unveiled an advertisement which showed a large phone screen that can be folded in two, similar to a wallet that fits inside a pocket. It also showed a small column-shaped device that, at the press of a button, rolls out a screen on to the table. The video above shows the Samsung's presentation at CES show. Samsung said that consumers may soon be able to fold up large phones or tablet screens as if they were maps. Samsung told that the foldable, bendable OLED screens could be launched soon.

Future Prospects

Samsung also has partnered with other companies like Microsoft to use its components to extend the technological solutions. Microsoft vision is that censors like Connect combined with Samsung's services like flexible, transparent and projected displays can turn any object into a surface and a computer, as many graphical videos have been showing in the past.

Interestingly, Samsung is not the only company to have shown interest in these flexible screens, there were few companies in the past as well, like HP and LG, but Samsung has become the winner. Plastic Logic was another company that has developed and presented the prototypes of screen technology at the CES show.

Samsung reveals flexible display screens at CES

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Samsung to Release Bendable Phone Screen - Facts Analysis
Samsung to Release Bendable Phone Screen - Facts Analysis
Samsung to Release Bendable Phone Screen - Facts Analysis

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