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Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts Hot

Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts


Mysterious black UFOs crashing in Spain.

Other Versions

1. Mysterious black UFO crashed in Spanish field.

2. Murcia region in Spain is experiencing something quite strange that could be due to Aliens.

Hoax or Fact:



Various stories that became popular online talk about mysterious black UFOs (Unidentified flying objects) crashing in the Murcia region of Spain, suggesting that the strange things fallen from outer space are related to Aliens. As a matter of fact, till this date, at least two such sightings were reported in Spain, but the UFO and Alien claims as such are not real facts.

First Sighting in Spain

The first sighting of the mysterious, grey, ball-shaped 'UFO' objects crashing in Murcia, a city in south-eastern Spain, was reported on 3 November 2015, when two shepherds spotted the orb in the middle of a field in Calasparra, Murcia, Spain. It can be seen in last two pictures of Image Gallery; the first few pictures being a second such sighting of mysterious object described later in this article. The crashing of the first huge metal ball prompted speculations that it could be part of a "space station," with the locals suggesting it could have fallen from heaven.

Investigators from the Civil Guard Department of Spain rushed to the site immediately, and as shown in the first video, an expert wearing a bright-yellow safety suit examined the mysterious object in the field and they concluded it is not dangerously radioactive or explosive, before taking it away to a chemical center in Cartagena for further analysis. Note that the technicians believed the object could be part of a fuel tank from a rocket or space station.

Second Sighting in Spain

In just about five days from the first sighting described above, a second, very similar mysterious object weighing around 20 kilos crashed into the nearby fields of Calasparra, when the Murcia villagers were stunned. Interestingly, the same morning, a farmer reported to have seen seven or eight fireballs. With not much explanation of the mysterious crashes from officials, locals became worried and wanted to know where the mysterious objects are coming from.

Shown in the second, Spanish-language video are the Civil Guard officials describing the finding of the second mysterious space junk. Even in the case of first sighting, Spain's Civil Guard tweeted on 5 November 2015 to assure the residents that the fallen object in Murcia was not any alien or UFO; it was only space debris. Notably, the European Space Agency in Noordwijk had warned that space "junk" could fall on to earth some time on November 14th.

Interestingly, a cousin of the two shepherd brothers who witnessed the first crash, did some study to suggest that the oval-shaped object resembles a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel (COPV), possibly a component of a space station, and is made of tough material to survive re-entry into the atmosphere without burning up (see in Google Images).  After examination, Civil Guard officials suggested the mysterious black 'UFO' could possibly be an auxiliary fuel tank from a rocket that somehow fell back on Earth. Moreover, the Civil Guard told the Spanish language newspaper El Pais that similar objects were discovered in Brazil and Australia a few years ago. So the claims that the mysterious black orbs that have fallen in Spain are UFOs or related to aliens are hoaxes.

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Mysterious black orb from space crashes in Spanish field: Locals say UFO 'fell from heaven'
SECOND mysterious black UFO crashes in Spanish field sparking terror among villagers
Mysterious UFO Found By Shepherds In Spanish Field

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Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts
Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts
Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts
Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts
Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts
Mysterious Black UFOs Falling in Spain Region: Facts

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