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NASA Video Shows UFO Entering & Leaving Earth's Atmosphere: Facts NASA Video Shows UFO Entering & Leaving Earth's Atmosphere: Facts Hot

NASA Video Shows UFO Entering & Leaving Earth's Atmosphere: Facts


This NASA video of UFO entering & leaving Earth's atmosphere is shocking.

Other Versions

1. NASA Footage shows irrefutable proof of UFOs entering and leaving Earth’s Atmosphere.

2. Spectacular UFO Footage from NASA STS 48 Discovery Space Shuttle.

Hoax or Fact:



The video in heavy circulation online since many years claims to show a NASA footage from STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle that supposedly shows an irrefutable proof of UFOs entering and leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The famous and peculiar "Zig-zag" motion of a space object seen in the video is suggested as a proof that it is a UFO belonging to Alien visitors. Let us analyze in detail whether or not the said claims are facts.

History of the STS-48 UFO Claim

STS-48 was a Space Shuttle mission with orbiter Space Shuttle Discovery that was launched on 12 September 1991 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. The footage in question of orbit on 15 September 1991 shows a flash of light and an object that appears to approach and accelerate away from Earth's horizon in a controlled fashion. In the second video you can see the actual uncut STS-48 'UFO' recording. It was videotaped during morning sun rise time by Donald Ratsch (a UFO buff in Maryland) and was sent to his Congressmen demanding investigation, who in turn forwarded the request to NASA in October 1991. NASA replied in the following November saying, "The objects seen are Orbiter-generated debris, illuminated by the sun....The flicker of light is the result of the firing of the attitude thrusters on the Orbiter, and the abrupt motions of the particles result from the impact of gas jets from the thrusters".

In other words, NASA explained the objects as ice particles reacting to engine jets. Mark Brown, the mission specialist says the ice formed on the shuttle's main engine bells after the remaining fuel was dumped in space. Co-pilot of STS-48, Ken Reightler explained about the incident saying, “We saw lots of this on STS-48 because we had a dump nozzle that was leaking.” The same nozzle leaked on the shuttle’s next mission and “created the same shower of ice particles -- but this time apparently no one misinterpreted them as UFOs.”

The UFO claims became popular again in later years after an American author Richard C. Hoagland published his analysis of the STS-48 video. He said that NASA cameras accidentally caught secret alien visitors or Star Wars-like battles. However, it is to be noted that like Donald Ratsch is a UFO buff, Richard Hoagland has been a proponent of various conspiracy theories about NASA and lost alien civilizations.

Like suggested by couple of NASA scientists mentioned above, it is a fact that apart from various types of space debris, space shuttles are often surrounded by clouds of small ice particles from dumped water or leaking jet thrusters. NASA explains the unusual 'take off' of the claimed 'UFO' object is because of the force from the jet engine of space shuttle. The explanation is most certainly a fact, considering more than two different dots visible in the footage change their course simultaneously with the flash object (see the uncut footage in second video starting from timeframe 8:40). Moreover, Otha Skeet Vaughan, the principal investigator of the phenomenon has collected and studied more than 500 hours of low-light night views of Earth to confirm "They're an ordinary part of space flight. It's obviously just more shuttle debris."

To Conclude

The unusual STS-48 footage of 1991 Space Shuttle Discovery does not show any alien visitors or UFOs, they are simply space debris, mostly ice particles that were sun-lit in the morning and shot off by the steering jet pulses. In recent years there have been many such UFO claims supposedly conspired by NASA, one of which said a NASA astronaut snapped a photo of a Triangular UFO in Space, while another one said NASA HD Cam shut off quickly when a Grey Object was seen.

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NASA Video Shows UFO Entering & Leaving Earth's Atmosphere: Facts
NASA Video Shows UFO Entering & Leaving Earth's Atmosphere: Facts
NASA Video Shows UFO Entering & Leaving Earth's Atmosphere: Facts

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