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UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video - Facts UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video - Facts Hot

UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video - Facts


UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video

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ALIEN TESTING? Stunned Residents See UFO Near Military Base! 5/28/16

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A video spread wide over internet space claims to show a UFO sighting over a US Military Base in Ohio, one version of the story suggesting it could be Alien testing. No, the UFO sighting shown in the video is not a fact.

About the 'UFO' Video & Claims

In late May 2016 YouTube channel Secureteam10 uploaded the video saying a couple from Dayton, Ohio took the video near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base when they were watching the sunset from home. It shows a mysterious angular object in the sky, with its pointed end facing downwards. The owner of Secureteam10 channel, Tyler Glockner calls it a "mind-blowing footage," adding that it is the third sighting of the same object by "three separate sources". "There is no doubt in my mind this is either an alien craft or a very strange drone - which I highly doubt," says Glockner in the video, also suggesting a third possibility: "A back engineered alien craft that's being tested by some black project over at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base." After the video became very popular, alien experts started questioning if it is an extra-terrestrial craft or an unknown military craft.

Facts About the Military Base & UFO Video

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio has been the subject of multiple UFO and extraterrestrial sightings from 1947 to 1969, which were documented in Project Blue Book, the Air Force's files on UFO sightings and investigations. According to mailOnline website, the programme, however, comprised of just a handful of staff, and the project that started in 1952 was given a termination order in December 1969 - and all activity under the study ceased in January 1970.

Coming back to the current UFO video in question, the story about the supposed sighting in Dayton, Ohio went viral because it was picked by some media outlets and was also played on the Fox News Channel. The YouTube channel Secureteam10 claims to be the research team that brings exposure of the alien phenomenon, but they do not show their website or any other detailed information, apart from an email to contact for business inquiries. Notably, as an article on website points out, the Secureteam10 has been creating fake UFO sightings by photoshopping images of high resolution anomalies into low resolution backgrounds and creating elaborate scenarios with invented witnesses. To make their videos appear realistic, the camera is made to move to give a fake impression to the viewers that the background (carrying the photoshopped picture of anomaly) is moving. As debunked in a video of UFOTheater (second one in this article), earlier in August 2015, Secureteam10 came up with a video saying an anonymous government astronomer told them that a new planet has entered our solar system behind Saturn. The new planet was actually a shot of planet Neptune photoshopped behind Saturn.

WHIO-TV website ran the story of the viral Dayton UFO video saying that an astronomy educator at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, Joesph Childers did not believe in the video and called the floating angular object as "garbage". Another UFO investigator in Cleveland and Ohio state director of the Mutual UFO Network, Thomas Wertman also doubts the authenticity of the video, and said someone is making money from the advertising each time it’s viewed.

To conclude, the video claiming to show a UFO flying over a US military base in Dayton, Ohio is not real. It is a hoax originating from YouTube channel Secureteam10 that has been publishing many such fake extraterrestrial sightings.

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UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video - Facts
UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video - Facts
UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video - Facts

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