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Hoaxes and facts related to Web category.

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New Hackers on Facebook Posting Insulting, Sexual Content: Facts
Story: WARNING EVERYBODY: New hackers on Facebook and what they write is aggression from you and it's insulting. It's really nasty and it appears to come from you. You do not see it, but your friends do. One result of this can be that you will be deleted on your friends list. I just want to say, if you get something that is offensive, malicious, vulgar, etc., it is ABSOLUTELY NOT from me! Copy this and let your friends know. If you get anything like this from me, please tell me and report it immediately...
Dell Hospital will Pay Rape Victim for Sharing the Picture Story: Hoax
Story: This is one a sick animal. This guy raped a five year old little girl. He ruined her life, she is alive & in the hospital can't move and can never have children, or a normal life. This guy goes by different names he is in hiding & has AIDS. The little girl came out positive. Please help us catch this animal. Every time this message is fwd Dell Hospital will donate $.15 to Maria's medication & treatment. Please don’t hesitate to fwd, this could've been you’re daughter or sister. God...
Get Newly Introduced Facebook Dislike Button: Scam
Story:  Get newly introduced facebook dislike button on your profile. Dislike Button is invite only feature. Other Versions 1. Activate newly introduced facebook dislike button on your profile. 2. Take this survey and get Facebook’s Dislike button!
'Who Deleted Me' App to See Who Unfriended You on Facebook: Facts
Story:  The new free app Who Deleted Me! You Can Now See Which Jerks Have Unfriended You On Facebook.
Online Criminals Stealing Girls' Pictures from Facebook and Manipulating - Facts Analysis
Story: Dear Girls, remove your photos from social sites immediately! "This is a confirmed message, A new online business group selling female edited Photos to pornsites by downloading the Photos from Facebook! , highly paid professional graphic designers are hired to edit women's photo and they make it so realistic, it looks 100% real ! , each photo they earn $10. Recently there have been many reports of divorces and cancellation of engagements because of these Photos found in Internet. Don't put Yourself in trouble by uploading your Pictures and finding yourself naked in the...
Google Street View Captures Two Legged, Half Cat - Hoax Analysis
Story:  Google Street View Captures Elusive Two-Legged Half-Cat. Other Versions  1. Spotted On Google Street View: Half A Cat, a new species, perhaps 2. New Cat Species Found On Google Street View - < Link >
Girl Dies of Electric Shock from Mobile Phone Charger: Facts
Story: Little girl died of electric shock. She put mobile charger pin in mouth while the charger was plugged on in the socket. Other Versions 1. This little girl died of electrocution, she put her dad’s mobile phone charger pin in her mouth while the charger was plugged in the wall… This untimely demise could have been avoided had her parents read my warnings… 2. Small girl died of electric shock coz of putting mobile phone charger pin in mouth while charger was plugged on. ...
Close Your Facebook Account Now, NWO and Martial Law Coming Soon - Facts
Story:  'Do' Close Your Facebook Account ASAP | NWO and Martial Law Coming Soon  Other Versions  1. Facebook is Run by the CIA  2. Close your facebook account now, government is spying on you! 
Becoming a Mother or Father Facebook Group Warning Hoax
Story: ATTENTION!!!!!!! Do not join the group currently on Facebook with the title "Becoming a father or a mother was the greatest gift of my life." It is a group of pedophiles trying to access your photos, this was on Fox News at 5 last night. Please copy and post !!! Let's keep our children safe!!!!! (Only takes a minute to repost)
Bitstrips App Secret NSA Trojan Horse?
Story:  Bitstrips, the cartoon generation app is actually a secret spying tool implemented by the NSA. Other Versions Bitstrips app is secretly NSA Trojan horse to access your private data.
48 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3 4 5

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