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Hoaxes and facts related to Web category.

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Share Message on WhatsApp Groups to Get Free Mobile Internet Recharge: Hoax
Story: only valid in india!whatsapp is giving 5GB and 500 prepaid talktimeonly on open this link and like the facebook pageSHARE THIS MESSAGE TO 3 GROUPS AND CHECK YOUR BALANCE AFTER 5 MINUTES..AIRTEL - *121*2#IDEA - *457*10#VODEFONE - *111*25#BSNL - *789*50# https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1049625981716431&refid=7&_ft_=qid.6141728643383070563%3Amf_story_key.7293965015939325553 Such a magic,The link is Really work Pls open link and like this*this offer not valid for AIRCEL users!! Other Versions 1. only valid in india!google + is giving 5GB and 500 prepaid talktimehttps://youtu.be/PdEwF5PxWq4SHARE LINK MESSAGE TO 3 GROUPS AND...
Pit bull Dog in India Killed His Owner Who Purchased it for 9 Lakhs Rupees: Facts
Story:  OMG! Pit bull Dog Killed his owner in chikmagalur Karnataka. He purchased that dog 9 Lakh rupees. Other Versions 1. (Hindi)Kuttey Ne Malik ka Sar Badan se Juda kardiya "!! 9 Lakh me khareed k laye they ... "Pit bull dog" killed his owner in Chikmagalur Karnataka state.He purchased that dog @ 9lakhs... 2. A pit bull killed its owner in India.
Photo of Two and a Half Year Old Sister Protected by Four-Year-Old Brother in Nepal: Facts
Story:  Two & a Half Year Old Sister Protected by Four-Year-Old Brother in Nepal. Other Versions 1. Two & a half year old sister being protected by her 4 year old brother in Nepal. Amazing photo. 2. Two-year-old sister protected by four-year-old brother in Nepal.  3. Two year old sister being protected by her four year old brother in Nepal.
Stolen Facebook Photos of a Girl Misused, Family Commits Suicide: Facts
Story: What Happen When You Upload Your Picture In Facebook Plz Open It And Read It Carefully This Girl In The Picture Is Sushmita. She Uploaded Her Photo In FB. One Guy Saved All Her Photos And Made A Fake Account By Her Name And Annouced That She Is A Call Girl. This Girl Comes From Very Decent Family That Guy Spread This News Everywhere In The City When Her Family And She Heard This News… They Could Not Take This Shocking News And Whole Family Committed Suicide At The Same Time....
"Rent a Boyfriend" Business Booming in China: Facts
Story:  Rent-A-Boyfriend business booming in China as women hire fake beaus to please nagging parents. Other Versions China's Rent a Boyfriend business sees Boom before New Year.
Taking 'Selfies' Classified as a Mental Disorder by American Psychiatric Association: Facts
Story:  The American Psychiatric Association classifies taking of 'selfies' as a mental disorder. Other Versions 1. American Psychiatric Association makes it official: 'Selfie' a Mental Disorder. 2. Obsessive selfie-taking classified as a mental disorder by APA.
Louisiana Woman Killed 9 People for Not Accepting her Facebook Friend Requests: Facts
Story:  A woman in Louisiana was arrested after killing 9 people for not accepting her Facebook friend requests. Other Versions 1. Facebook friend request killer arrested - Woman killed 9 people who did not accept her friend request. 2. Woman Kills 9 People for Denying her Facebook friend request.
New Facebook Feature to Eavesdrop on Your Conversations: Facts
Story:  Good News: Facebook will secretly eavesdrop on your conversations, TV shows and other background noise. Other Versions Facebook has announced a new feature for its Smartphone app that will allow the company to listen to your phone conversations via the phone's microphone.
Girl Lost Her Eyes in Accident, Needs Money Through Photo Sharing: Hoax
Story: Share this pic frnds... +91 8439345928i'm deepali agrawalk.r degree college, mathura.(Telugu)nenu law chadhuvthunanu, oka accident lo na 2 eyes pogotukuna, operation kosam eyes transplant cheyataniki 8 lakhs avthundhi... meeru ee message ni forward share chesthey naku 10 paisa per share(whats app nunchi) vasthundhi, okaveyla ee sms joking anipisthey, paina echina naa parents phone number ki call chesi adagavachu... if, meeru free aithey plzzz share cheyandi...(plz dnt neglect diz msg, help me) GOD will help you... (frnds ee msg UP...
Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging on Facebook: Facts
Story:  This Guy's Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Him On Facebook And It's Absolutely Horrifying My girlfriend died on 7thAugust, 2012.I just received another message, and it's worse than any of the others. She was involved in a three car collision driving home from work when someone ran a red light. She passed away within minutes on the scene. Read more..
57 results - showing 21 - 30 1 2 3 4 5 6

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