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Picture about Andy Roddick Greatest Serve Ever, Video
Andy Roddick Greatest Serve Ever, Video


Andy Roddick the best server in the world.

Andy Roddick serves a ball on clay and it gets stuck.


This is a famous video that claims to show Tennis star Andy Roddick’s best serve in the world. Andy Roddick is shown to serve a ball so fast that it gets stuck on clay of the tennis court. That’s not the fact!

Andy Roddick is indeed known for his swift tennis serves, but this one is not real. As you can watch the original and complete footage here, Andy Roddick can be seen playing ‘casually’ in the beginning. And after the chair umpire calls one his shot as wide, he is even seen to express his disapproval over the umpire. Then, as if he got angry over the issue, Andy is shown to deliver a quick and powerful serve and the tennis ball lands in the opposite court – getting stuck in the clay.

If you watch the video closely, you will observe that the ball was quite visible in initial shots, but when Andy delivers the serve in question, the ball seems to disappear from frame. Why not, the video is in fact edited, and the match is staged – as an advertisement for the Powerade energy drink. The Powerade commercial, titled “Roddick”, was developed by an agency in Portland called Wieden+Kennedy, and portrayed as “Very Real Power”, the tagline of Powerade sports drink. So this video claiming to show Andy Roddick’s greatest serve, the best one in the world, is a hoax.

In the past, Gillette came up with somewhat similar commercial claiming to show an Unbelievable Tennis Trick Shot of Roger Federer.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla