Baba Ramdev Died in Car Accident on Pune-Mumbai Highway: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Baba Ramdev Died in Car Accident on Pune-Mumbai Highway
Baba Ramdev Died in Car Accident on Pune-Mumbai Highway


Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Died in Car Accident at Pune-Mumbai Highway

Other Versions

1. Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba Killed in Road Accident

2. Accident of baba ramdevs car on Pune Mumbai highway..

Fact Check:

Certain messages shared heavily on social media sites and elsewhere online purport to show that Indian Yoga Guru and Patanjali Chief Baba Ramdev has died in a car accident on Pune-Mumbai Highway. The stories went viral on free messaging service WhatsApp, and also carried a set of 3 pictures suggesting to show the accident scene, which allegedly involved four others along with Baba Ramdev. Although the picture showing Baba Ramdev on a hospital stretcher in an Ambulance is real, the accident and the death claims are nothing but hoaxes.

In late April 2017 several messages circulating with the pictures suggested that Baba Ramdev and four others have been involved in a car crash while travelling from Pune to Mumbai. It is also said that Baba Ramdev did not survive, and that his death has created a sense of panic among his followers. The claims aside, the first picture in question dates back to June 2011 when Baba Ramdev was actually carried on a stretcher into an Ambulance to shift him to a hospital. It was after his condition deteriorated during his fast in Haridwar demanding government action against corruption and black money.

The other two pictures showing a brutal car crash are however from April 2017. They show a road accident in Bihar, where a member of Zila Parishad died. You can see, the vehicle’s number plate clearly indicates BR (Bihar). The pictures and death stories of Baba Ramdev in fact spread like wildfire on social media. Consequently, Yoga Guru rubbished his death rumors with a message on his Twitter account:

So the stories showing Baba Ramdev met with an accident on Mumbai-Pune highway leading to his death are just hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:


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