Baba Ramdev Drinking Alcohol – Facts Analysis

Picture about Baba Ramdev Drinking Alcohol
Baba Ramdev Drinking Alcohol


Ramdev Baba drinking alcohol. A photo of alcoholic Baba Ramdev drinking wine.

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Unbelievable Pic of Baba Ramdevi Ji!!! MUST SEE

I am not sure if this is true or not..but this is seriously Unbelievable pic!!!


Picture about Baba Ramdev Drinking Alcohol
Baba Ramdev Drinking Alcohol


The picture shows the famous yogic Indian guru Baba Ramdev sitting with a glass of drink in an air flight, and the messages claim that what he is drinking is alcohol. It is not a fact.

The picture of Baba Ramdev shows two glasses of drink and two water bottles beside him. According to credible news sources, Baba Ramdev generally travels in business class Jet Airways flight or in a private chartered Jet. The picture of Baba Ramdev Baba, with couple of other travelers suggests that he is travelling in a business class flight; and in such flights of Jet Airways, it is a common practice to serve variety of fruit juices, including Apple Juice. And in India, the domestic air flights are not permitted to serve alcoholic drinks. Alcohol serving is allowed only in Air India’s international flights and other incoming foreign flights.

Therefore, it is conclusive that the glass of drink in Ramdev Baba’s hands is either apple juice, or simple plain water, the color of which is altered with the golden color of wine/whiskey to make it look like alcohol.

Baba Ramdev is not drinking alcohol in the picture. In fact, the yogic guru works against alcohol, and quotes:

To encourage alcohol responsible for the deaths of millions of people does not mean protection of human rights and freedom.

Hoax or Fact:



Business class Jet airways serve Apple Juice
Domestic flights don’t serve alcohol
Baba Ramdev – Words of Wisdom

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