Jayalalitha Ghost Seen at Various Places in Tamil Nadu: Fact Check

Picture Showing Jayalalitha Ghost Seen at Various Places in Tamil Nadu
Jayalalitha Ghost Seen at Various Places in Tamil Nadu


Shocking!!! Jayalalitha Ghost in Poes Garden House Back side, in Tamil Nadu.

Other Versions

1. Shocking!!! Jayalalitha ghost in Hospital Ground Floor Haunted Parking Area.

2. Shocking!!! Jayalalitha Ghost in Haunted Car Parking CCTV Footage.

3. CM Jayalalitha Ghost Caught on Camera.

Fact Check:

Few days after the death of former Indian Actress and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on 5 December 2016, internet space has seen many pictures and some videos purporting to show that her Ghost/Spirit is seen at various places, like in the backside of Poes Garden, in her Cremation area, and around the Hospital arena, also caught on CCTV footage. Although the paranormal claims generated much interest in netizens because of her affection among public, the ghost appearances of Jayalalitha are simply hoaxes.

The ‘shocking’ ghost/spirit pictures (see above) and videos of Jayalalitha have been doing rounds on social media sites in Tamil, Telugu and other languages. The late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu lived in Veda Nilayam bungalow at Poes Garden. She died at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai due to cardiac arrest after suffering from infection and acute dehydration for couple of months. As shown in the Tamil video, a CCTV footage of the Hospital ground floor allegedly shows Jayalalitha’s ghost flashing into existence in her usual green color saree and moving around the area.

Not Real

So, the claims saying former Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s ghost is roaming in Tamil Nadu originated from uncredible sources. There are no such credible reports. Most certainly, the pictures are photoshopped and the CCTV footages are edited, adding graphics of her image to create rumours of Jayalalitha’s ghost.

Hoax or Fact:


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