Michael Jackson’s Body Cremated & Made Into Necklaces: Fact Check

Image about Michael Jackson’s Body Cremated & Made Into Necklaces
Michael Jackson’s Body Cremated & Made Into Necklaces


Michael Jackson’s Body Cremated & Made Into Necklaces for His Children

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Michael Jackson’s Cremated Body Made into Necklaces for his Children
Insiders reveal the singer’s coffin is actually empty!

Fact Check:

A surprising message coming up online claims about Secret Cremation of Michael Jackson’s body and making of Necklaces from his Ashes, for his Children. Allegedly, the ashes of Jackson’s cremation were put in small broken hearts on necklaces which his children Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson wear around their necks. There’s also the ‘insider revelation’ saying the singer’s coffin is actually empty! Despite the popularity, the claims are not facts.

Image of Michael Jackson and his Children
Michael Jackson and his Children

Origin of Story – Michael Jackson’s Body Cremated

The claim in question originated from an ‘exclusive’ article on Radar Online website radaronline.com published on 19th June 2019. It begins saying – Accused molester Michael Jackson was secretly cremated — and sources exclusively told RadarOnline.com his children wear his ashes in necklaces shaped like broken hearts.

The article says after his death, Michael Jackson’s family kept his body on ice in a morgue for several months and cremated secretly. There are also claims Jackson’s mother Katherine was paranoid and scared someone would steal his body. The article also says Jackson’s mausoleum tomb is empty from many years and his secret cremation means there’s no chance of digging up his body and conducting DNA and other examinations to prove the stories of alleged sexual abuse victims. Note, in recent months documentary Leaving Neverland accused Jackson of sexually abusing Wade Robson and James Safechuck in their young age.

Screenshot of the article on Radar Online website
Screenshot of the article on Radar Online website

Radar Online article goes on to say some of Jackson’s cremains were scattered beneath a pear tree called the Giving Tree, at his Neverland ranch. The rest of his ashes, according to the article, were divided among his children in broken-heart shaped jewelry. Allegedly, they keep necklaces in locked boxes at home and rarely wear in public as they are afraid of losing the last remains of their father. Consequently, many online outlets carried this ‘surprising’ story around the death of legendary singer Michael Jackson.

About Radar Online Website

It is important to note, throughout the article, Radar Online mentions their source of information as ‘sources’ and ‘insiders’. However, it does not cite any kind of credible sources. Moreover, as mentioned in their social media profiles, Radar Online is an American entertainment and gossip website. Notably, the article appeared just few days before 10 years death anniversary of Jackson.

Image of Michael Jackson's Family at Memorial Service in Los Angeles
Michael Jackson’s Family at Memorial Service in Los Angeles

About Death and Funeral of Michael Jackson

American Pop singer, songwriter and dancer Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 on 25th June 2009. He died because of overdose of a powerful anesthetic. For investigations into his death, Jackson’s body was in a refrigeration unit at a Los Angeles cemetery for few days. Contrary to the claims, Michael Jackson’s body did not undergo cremation process. He was in fact buried in a Golden coffin in Holly Terrace Grand Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Before the ceremony, a make-up artist restored Jackson’s body in order to make his features appear as lifelike as possible. He was dressed in full stage costume along with his iconic white gloves. Jackson’s golden casket was encased in concrete to protect his remains from grave-robbers and crazed fans. The burial area is under security.

Image of Michael Jackson’s Golden Coffin
Michael Jackson’s Golden Coffin

To conclude, the messages about secret cremation of Michael Jackson’s body and making Necklaces from his ashes, for his Children are hoaxes. They originated from an entertainment and celebrity gossip website.

Hoax or Fact:


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