Photograph of Baba Ramdev with a Woman on Bed: Fact Check

About Photograph of Baba Ramdev with a Woman on Bed
Photograph of Baba Ramdev with a Woman on Bed


Photograph of Baba Ramdev with a Woman on Bed

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Fact Check:

Some criticizing messages doing rounds on social media since few years allege to show a Photograph of Baba Ramdev with a Woman on Bed. They claim the Yogic guru maintains such a character with his woman disciples. No, the claims are not true – the photograph comes from a totally different context.

About the Photograph of Baba Ramdev with Woman on Bed

The photograph in question is doing rounds online since at least 2014, criticizing the character of Indian yogic guru Baba Ramdev. However, back on 26th November 2014 itself, Baba Ramdev clarified the matter with a post on his official Facebook page.

He explained the woman beside him is 27-year-old Priti, a Cancer patient struggling between life and death. Baba Ramdev said the woman belongs to the family of a founder-member of Patanjali Yogpeeth, adding he met her in Vedanta Hospital to bless her, teach some yoga techniques and gave her some Ayurvedic medicines. The photograph in fact shows Baba Ramdev beside the woman posing for a photograph. Baba Ramdev also shared couple of other pictures of the woman meeting him with her family. At last, he even condemned the people spreading false, disgusting stories about the cancer patient.

Similar Story – Baba Ramdev with Model Sofia Hayat

There are also couple of other pictures in wide circulation online – alleging to show the Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev with model Sofia Hayat.

The person in the pictures is not the yoga guru. He is Sunil Talwar, a look-alike of Baba Ramdev. The pictures are from working stills of a comedy film making from November 2011. Sunil Talwar has worked in some advertisements also.

Hoax or Fact:


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