Shocking DNA Results Reveal King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley Still Alive: Hoax

Picture about Shocking DNA Results Reveal King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley Still Alive
Shocking DNA Results Reveal King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley Still Alive


Shocking DNA Results Revealed: Body of Elderly Homeless Man Identified as Elvis Presley.

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1. Elvis Aaron Presley Still Alive!

2. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley Still alive and well.

Picture of Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
Picture of Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley


According to many stories doing rounds online since couple of decades, the famous American singer, actor and King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley is still alive and well, one version saying DNA test result of the body of an elderly homeless man revealed he was none other than Elvis Presley. Let us analyze whether or not the said claims are facts.

Picture of Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

DNA Test of Body of Elderly Homeless Man

The story about the found body of an elderly homeless man and DNA test originated from 31 Jan 2015 article on website, according to which, the 80-year-old, white-bearded man referred as ‘Jessie Doe’ was found deceased under an overpass in San Diego, California. It is said that after DNA test and search of nationwide database, investigators were shocked to see it matched exactly with the DNA of the one and only, Elvis Aaron Presley. It is also said that weeks later, a FBI spokesperson revealed that the deceased man’s body was actually the body of Elvis Presley, and he had been in the witness protection program since 1977, voluntarily, with the help of U.S. President Nixon. All these claims are plain hoaxes, considering the fact that Empire News is a satirical and parody website that publishes content only for entertainment purpose, as mentioned in their about/disclaimer information. The same website published many hoax stories in the past like unborn baby becoming pregnant while still inside the womb, and DNA results confirming Michael Jackson is the biological father of singer Bruno Mars.

Screenshot of article on Empire News website
Screenshot of article on Empire News website

The Picture

The picture that comes with the story, supposedly showing old Elvis Presley is actually a photoshopped image created with the intention to illustrate how Elvis would have looked, had he been alive and celebrating his 80th birthday.

Elvis Presley’s Death and Controversies

On 16 August 1977, Elvis Presley’s lifeless body was discovered on the bathroom floor of his upstairs bedroom suite at Graceland, his mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. After medical attempts to save him, Elvis Presley was declared dead at the age of 42 (born January 8, 1935), Dr. Jerry Francisco saying the cause of death to be Cardiac arrhythmia. The complete autopsy report of Elvis Presley has been sealed until 2027 upon request from his father Vernon Presley. Since his death, there have been numerous alleged sightings of Presley and theories that Elvis faked his death so that he could retire in peace. Those various claims and conspiracies are discussed with detailed facts on the Skeptical Inquirer website

Picture of Elvis Presley Coffin
Elvis Presley Coffin

Cause of Death

In November 1973, Elvis Presley was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, pleurisy, hepatitis, and an enlarged colon. More importantly, he was also battling his dependency on prescription drugs and his weight and general health problems for some time. Notably, Elvis’s doctor, George Nichopoulos has been prescribing him an excessive amount of drugs. It was later found that Nichopoulos has been doing that to at least ten other patients, including rock star Jerry Lee Lewis and his own teenage daughter, Chrissy. The over prescription of drugs to Elvis Presley and his death is described in detail on website Dr. Nichopoulos’s license was cancelled by the Tennessee Medical Board after he was found guilty of unethical conduct.

Between many controversies over his death and mounting pressure, the Presley autopsy was reopened in 1994. Dr. Joseph Davis declared, “There is nothing in any of the data that supports a death from drugs. In fact, everything points to a sudden, violent heart attack.” While it is not known whether or not combined drug intoxication was in fact the cause of his death, the multiple prescription drug usage could have significantly contributed to Presley’s premature death.

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