12 Weeks Gestation Baby Legal to Kill in All 50 States: Facts

Picture Suggesting 12 Weeks Gestation Baby Legal to Kill in All 50 States
12 Weeks Gestation Baby Legal to Kill in All 50 States


12 weeks gestation….. legal to kill in all 50 states …..is this a blob of cells to you?

Other Versions

1. This is what we all looked like at 12 weeks in the womb. Legal to kill in all 50 states.
Anyone think its not a person? Pass this along. It literally might save a life.

2. In all 50 States, it’s legal to kill a baby this old for any reason, no questions asked. And over 200,000 mothers, tragically, choose to do so in our country every year, including many whose babies are much older than this one. This baby is about 12 weeks gestation (about 10 weeks old).


This picture supposedly showing a 12 weeks gestation baby has been circulating heavily, suggesting that it is legal to kill such a baby in all 50 states of America. The claims are mixture of hoax and facts.

About the Picture

The picture claiming to show a 12 weeks gestation baby was widely shared online; it was also posted in BabyCenter Community. However, it is not what it appears, the picture is in fact a hand painted resin model doll made by artist Donna Lee, who sells them through the One Tiny Life organization. The artist sculptured the life-size scale model of a 12 week old from conception Pre-born Baby; the tiny resin dolls shown below can be used in schools & pregnancy centers for education purpose.

Picture of Pre-born Baby tiny resin doll
Pre-born Baby tiny resin doll
Picture of Pre-born Baby tiny resin dolls
Pre-born Baby tiny resin dolls

On BabyCenter.com, you can watch 12-week stage of development of a fetus, which is smaller (about two inches), has translucent skin and does not have completely formed organs as shown in the picture.

Abortion Legal in United States?

The abortion laws in United States are complicated, and vary according to state. The 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade made it legal for women to get safe, legal abortions from well-trained medical practitioners. The law was based on the belief that women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies; and Fetuses, prior to viability, are not known to be persons and do not have rights. The personhood (viability) of a fetus was understood to commence between 22 and 24 weeks, because this is the point at which the Neocortex develops, and it is the earliest point at which a fetus can be taken from the womb and, given the proper medical care, still has a meaningful chance of long-term survival.

However, over the years, there have been many protests against legality of abortion and various states came up with amendment of laws to restrict abortions and make it illegal in effect. As of 1 March 2014, you can read an overview of Abortion Laws in United States on guttmacher.org.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


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