300 Children Found Frozen Alive for Organ Harvesting, Video: Fact Check

Image about 300 Children Found Frozen Alive for Organ Harvesting, Video
300 Children Found Frozen Alive for Organ Harvesting, Video

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300 hundred kids found frozen alive for the purposes of selling organs for transplantation. This is only one of the many Criminal Groups caught.

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300 Children Found Frozen Alive & Packed on Ice for Organ Harvesting!

Fact Check:

A sad video is in circulation online claiming to show 300 Children Found Frozen Alive for Organ Harvesting. It shows couple of scenes followed by appearance of dead body of a boy inside a foam box. Some of the people around are seen removing ice cubes from the box. Accompanying messages claim 300 children are found frozen alive and packed on Ice for organ harvesting. No, the claims are not true and explained here.

Not Children Frozen for Organ Harvesting

Firstly, there are no credible reports about such an incident involving 300 children frozen alive in ice for stealing their organs later on. Apart from the video, the messages in circulation do not carry any further information on remaining children. We have seen the video is doing rounds online with different claims and was in fact viral in China in 2017. One version said the traffickers give the child an anesthetic and then freezes him with ice before transporting to their location for organ harvesting/transplantation. The detailed Chinese version of the story is here.

There’s also another version in circulation saying the video shows a child fallen asleep in the foam box. Allegedly, his parents mistook him for some vegetable and put the box into a freezer, causing the child freeze to death. Again, if this version is true, there would be media reports on the unusual incident.

Videos from Different Context

The video in question is a combination of at least two different scenes. The boy in the foam box was not ‘anesthetized by traffickers’ or ‘frozen to death’. Back in 2017, when these allegations of organ harvesting from children went viral, a reporter contacted the Police in Taojiang County, Yiyang, Hunan Province of China. The fact of the matter is – the little boy died of accidental drowning in Guangzhou city of China. Since it was summer time with high temperature, the family members of the boy put the body into a foam box with ice cubes and took it home to Taojiang for burial. So, what you see in later part of the video is the little boy’s family grieving over his sudden, unfortunate death. Note, the incident took place before July 2017.

Image of Unfortunate, accidental drowning death of the little Boy in Guangzhou City of China
Unfortunate, accidental drowning death of the little Boy in Guangzhou City of China

Coming to the first part of the video, as reported by Daily Headlines Chinese website kknews.cc, it appears to be an unrelated incident on 14th December 2017. It involved beating of two people after they allegedly tried to cheat elderly people.

So, the messages warning people about 300 children found frozen alive for organ harvesting are not true. Some police officials in China also suggested people not to believe in the unrelated video(s) adding the rumors about child kidnapping for organ harvesting. Having said that, in some parts of world, there are of course concerns about kidnapping of children for their organ harvesting. Therefore, it’s always better to be watchful about the safety of your children.

Hoax or Fact:


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