4 Muslim Men Burnt Alive in India for Cow Slaughter: Fact Check

Image about 4 Muslim Men Burnt Alive in India for Cow Slaughter
4 Muslim Men Burnt Alive in India for Cow Slaughter


4 Muslim men are burnt alive in India
Can’t believe eyes, in the supervision of police & massive crowd. They slaughtered a cow, meagre a cow. Extremists who have taken over #Endia believe that cows are holier than a human being. World is quiet for the sake of business. Your tongues & hands aren’t tightened, please boycott this beastly nation. #BoycottIndia

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गौहत्या करने वाले 4 मुस्लिमों को भारत में ज़िंदा जलाया जा रहा है।

Fact Check:

A video is shared online alleging to show 4 Muslim Men Burnt Alive in India in public for Cow slaughter. They claim extremists have taken over India and believe cows are holier than human beings, asking to boycott the beastly nation. No, the claims are not true – the video is just a magic show in public.

Not Video about 4 Muslim Men Burnt Alive for Cow Slaughter

The video in question shows 4 men locked in chains, put inside a metal enclosure, lifted with the help of a crane and then put inside a large block of hay. A small group of men set the hay on fire from all sides and run away before the stash of hay collapses in fire. Apparently, an Arabic voice over audio and text in the video describe the ‘disturbing incident’. However, the video is simply a magic show in public.

MM Puthiyath is a well-known magician from Kerala, India, who staged the mass fire escape in Malappuram Kottapadi stadium in 2008. An old video of it uploaded to YouTube in August 2017 shows the magic show in public. The four men magicians involved in the show are MM Puthiyath Edavanna, Shajahan Mampad, Sudeer Chungathara and Hameed Edakkara. When you slowdown the playing speed of the old video, you can notice all four men inside the hay stash escape running away from fire – two from either sides left and right.

Magic Trick

The magic trick involves letting go of the locked chains, push off ‘doors’ of the burning hay and escape from the fire. As there are quite a number of people running around fire, viewers may not be able to see their escape clearly. It is also not visible clearly in the low resolution video. Note, the magic video is shown out of context adding unrelated voice over in Arabic and some text edit. Apart from presence of police for public safety, also note, there are some fire personnel to act in case of any fire accident. For your understanding, there’s another video of similar magic show in public showing clearly how the man escapes from fire.

So, the messages claiming the video shows 4 Muslim men burnt alive in India for Cow slaughter are just hoaxes. Note, the false story is mostly shared by some Muslims on Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms, taken down later for sensitive and false nature of content claims.

Hoax or Fact:


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