Arabic Woman Torturing Twin Babies, Violent Videos: Fact Check

Image from Arabic Woman Beating Twin Babies Badly, Violent Video
Arabic Woman Beating Twin Babies Badly, Violent Video

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Arabic Woman Torturing Twin Babies Badly!
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Image from Arabic Woman Beating Twin Babies Badly, Violent Video

Fact Check:

A disturbing message in circulation on social media presents violent videos showing an Arabic Woman Torturing Twin Babies on Camera. The unseen woman heard in videos physically abuses two six-month old twin girls without any mercy. She slaps, strangles and even throws them down on floor as the tiny kids cry like hell and one of them bleeds from mouth. The video(s) showing an Arabic woman torturing Twin babies is real. In fact, as explained below, the babies’ mother herself committed the crime.

Image of Twin girls beaten badly and thrown on ground
Twin girls beaten badly and thrown on ground

Arabic Woman Torturing Twin Babies is Real

Yes, the violent videos explicitly show Twins tortured by their own Mother in Saudi Arabia. In fact, in one of the videos, the mother also says ‘Today I will kill you,’ as she beats the small babies mercilessly. Because of the highly sensitive content, the videos went viral on social media and YouTube; triggering an outcry from viewers. The Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development investigated into the matter and found the whereabouts of the incident. Mohanad Al Hashdi, a Yemeni citizen posted the videos originally to YouTube – hoping for the rescue of the babies in Saudi Arabia.

Mohanad Al Hashdi knows the babies’ father’s family in Yemen. He explained their mother is a Somali married to the Yemeni, and that the couple were living in Saudi Arabia. They took to divorce later, and the man did not support her, leaving the woman in financial difficulties. She made the videos torturing the babies and sent them to her ex-husband’s father in Yemen – pushing him to send her money. Al Hashdi also added the grandfather can’t travel from Yemen to Saudi Arabia and pleaded to save the children.

Saudi officials traced the twin babies in Jeddah City of Saudi Arabia and took them away from the mother. While the mother was arrested, the twin babies were hospitalized and released later after checkups. They were handed over to the father’s relatives. Officials called it a clear case of domestic violence. It is however not clear whether the abusive mother is mentally sound or was suffering from depression.

Hoax or Fact:



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Saudi Arabian mother who was caught on camera beating her twins for money arrested

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