Beware of Cheque Fraud – Erasing and Re-writing: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Beware of Cheque Fraud - Erasing and Re-writing
Beware of Cheque Fraud - Erasing and Re-writing


Cheque Fraud – Erasing and re-writing
New type of cheque fraud is found of erasing and rewriting the amounts. Beware..!!!

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Cheque Fraud : Using INK PEN ERASER..n Rewriting Amt.

Fact Check:

A video in wide circulation online claims to show a new type of Cheque Fraud where a latest Ink Pen Eraser is used to Erase and Rewrite the amount of money written on a Bank Cheque. Yes, what’s shown in the video is a fact, that way it is possible for criminals to steal your money from bank account.

Cheque Fraud: Erasing & Re-writing

There are new ink pen erasers in the market that can erase the pen writing on a Bank Cheque, which do not affect the printed lines and words on the cheque. So if your cheque ends up in the hands of criminals or a wrong person, they can erase what you actually wrote on it and change the amount of money, and even the Payee Name. As the cheque carries your authentic signature, which would not be altered, the concerned Bank can pass the cheque and you will be on the losing end.

It should be noted there are also other ways criminals seek to such Cheque fraud. As reported in the second video of Zee News (Hindi language), Criminals used Magic pens to get a Cheque written from targeted victim, after which, the written matter is made to disappear easily by applying mild heat, like from a cigarette lighter. Few years back there were also cases of Check Washing in United States, where criminals steal checks and erase the ink using chemical solvents, to rewrite the checks to themselves. So it is wise to be careful and follow some safety measures to avoid falling victim for such cheque fraud.

Safety Measures to Avoid Cheque Fraud

  • First and foremost, make sure your cheques are in safe hands, especially when you are leaving your cheques for paying bills, like in a post office or via mailboxes.
  • Using Gel pens with black ink is a better option over ball-point pens while writing Cheques. They are relatively difficult to erase. This is because Gel ink has pigments that permeate the fibers of the check itself. It would be difficult to erase them completely without any trace.
  • Cross shred your cheques that you no longer need and are discarding.
  • Review your bank statements on a regular basis.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla