Chhattisgarh Police Rescued 46 Girl Victims of Love Jihad: Fact Check

Image about Chhattisgarh Police Rescued 46 Girl Victims of Love Jihad
Chhattisgarh Police Rescued 46 Girl Victims of Love Jihad


Chhattisgarh police rescued these 46 girl victims of Love Jihad who went missing from past 7 months.

Other Versions

छत्तीसगढ़ पुलिस ने पिछले 7 माह से लापता 46 युवतियों को अलग अलग प्रदेशो से खोज निकाला।
अधिकतर युवतियां प्रेम प्रसंग के तहत गायब हुई थी या यूं कहें कि लव जिहाद की शिकार हुई थी और इनको जिहादियों ने रकम लेकर बेच दिया था।
पुलिस मामले की जांच कर रही है, कई खुलासे होने की संभावना है।

Kawardha, Kabirdham, Chhattisgarh, India
झूठे प्यार में फंसकर घर से भागी 46 लड़कियां, जब पुलिस ने पकड़ा इस हाल में तो…

Fact Check:

Some stories doing rounds online allege to show Chhattisgarh Police Rescued 46 Girl Victims of Love Jihad who went missing from past 7 months. They claim (Muslim) ‘Jihadis’ trap the innocent girls in the name of love and sell them for hefty price. The claim is a hoax with some valid information.

About Love Jihad

Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad is an alleged organized practice wherein Muslim men target women from non-Muslim communities and Convert them to Islam by feigning Love. While some say Love Jihad is just a conspiracy theory, others claim it also involves hefty money gains for trapping non-Muslim women and converting them to Islam.

Some social and political organizations believe love jihad exists as an organized practice. Such allegations became popular in 2009 in Karnataka and Kerala after many cases of Christian and Hindu girls eloping with Muslim boys. Retired Justice KT Sankaran observed there were indications of forceful religious conversions in Kerala. He suggested the government should mull over a law to prohibit such incidents of religious conversion. Below is a CCN IBN report on love jihad from 2011:

After the popular Hadiya court case, Supreme Court ordered India’s NIA National Investigation Agency (NIA) to investigate into the matter. NIA picked 11 cases of such interfaith marriages in Kerala for examination. It said in most of the cases they found that a similar set of people and organizations associated with Popular Front of India (PFI) were involved in helping either the man or the woman involved in a relationship to convert to Islam. Note, not just women, there are also instances of Hindu men converting to Islam in such cases. After investigation, NIA said they did not find any prosecutable evidence to bring formal charges against the persons as Conversion is not a crime in Kerala. They also mentioned there was no evidence of a larger criminal design.

Origin of Story: Police Rescued Girl Victims of Love Jihad

On 25th August 2019, Twitter user Pushpendra Kulshrestha @Nationalist_Om posted the Hindi message of love jihad along with the photograph. Consequently, the same story appeared on Facebook and other online platforms.

The picture showing 11 women with their faces masked is in fact from a different context. Surely, it is not related to Love Jihad. Hindi News website published the picture in April 2018 reporting a high profile prostitution racket busted in Chhattisgarh capital city Raipur. Police raided a Spa centre in Raipur and arrested the 11 girls, most of whom were from Sikkim. Patrika Chhattisgarh also shared a video of it on their Facebook page:


Looks like, the story of love jihad is a misinterpretation of another article Patrika website published the same day on 25th August. The article from Kawardha city of Chhattisgarh reported about 46 girls running away from home due to love affairs and police tracing 39 of them. It said a special team of police traced the girls from Karnataka, Gujarat and other places. The missing girls are back home with their happy parents.

The report mentions recent reports of minor-and-young girls leaving home without informing or running away under influence of love. Accordingly, in seven months of 2019, there are missing case reports of 46 girls and 9 boys. Police traced back all the 9 boys and 39 girls. Importantly, the report also mentions such missing girls (usually minors) are exploited sexually in the name of love and marriage. While some girls are put into bonded labor, others are sold and forced into prostitution. However, nowhere the article mentions any Love Jihad or conversion to Islam.

So, the messages claiming to show Chhattisgarh Police rescued 46 girl victims of love jihad who went missing from past seven months are hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax with some valid information.

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