Child Kidnapping for Internal Organs: Facts

Picture Suggesting Child Kidnapping for Internal Organs
Child Kidnapping for Internal Organs


Child Kidnapping Syndicate for Internal Organs in Philippines.

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Syndicates abducting kids for their internal organs.


Warning: Graphic Pictures and Content in this article.

The story shared on social networking websites along with some disturbing pictures claims to warn people in Philippines about a Syndicate Kidnapping Children for their Internal Organs. Few years back, these stories spread like wildfire through text messages and e-mails, and back then many people considered them as urban legends. Let us analyze in detail the authenticity and validity of the disturbing claims.

Picture Warning of Child Kidnapping for Internal Organs
Child Kidnapping for Internal Organs

Our study says that the claims in question are a mixture of hoax and facts. While there are people saying the child kidnapping for internal organs did take place in some places of Philippines, officials do not validate the claims for lack of evidence. The pictures of two couple and the disturbing ones that of kids ripped off their bodies, however, have been shared online with various other stories attached to them.

Few Reported Cases

Around 2011 there were some reports of missing and kidnapped children in Philippines, few of whom were returned dead with their bodies ripped open, and with money placed inside the body or tummy, as if it was the payment for the organs taken. The missing body organs like the heart, kidney or eyes were supposedly meant to be sold to the black market for medical purposes; at high price. It is said that the men, who are believed to be part of an international syndicate, were dressed in doctor suits and operate in a closed white van. It is also said that the kidnappers target innocent souls luring children going to and from school.

Organ Trade in Philippines

The sale of human body organs was legal in the Philippines before a ban in March 2008. Prior to this, Philippines was a popular destination for transplant tourists. In fact in 2005, the World Health Organization identified the Philippines as one of the global hot spots for organ trafficking, along with China, United States, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Colombia.

Response from Authorities

In 2013, citing lack of a historical record, Chief Inspector of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), Kimberly Molitas said it is unlikely that the missing children were kidnapped for their organs to be sold illegally. Kimberly added that the internal organs intended to be transplanted must be medically harvested as fresh as possible, and may not be viable in the ways of crime described in the stories. Dinky Soliman, Secretary of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) confirmed that children abductions were indeed common cases in Philippines, but the main purpose was for forced labor, begging, or prostitution; not organ trafficking. However, in the same year 2013, president of the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA), Dr. Bu Castro admitted that black market for human organs was rampant in the Philippines 6 to 7 years before, but it was unlikely later, after strict laws came in place and the process of organ donation was made legal.

So it appears like few cases of child abductions for internal organs might have happened in past in Philippines, but in later years, with stringent laws and medical procedure for organ donation, the disturbing crime seems to have ceased.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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