Communal Clash in Bhainsa Town, Houses & Vehicles on Fire: Fact Check


A senior police official said the violence took place at the Korba Galli in Bhainsa town after an Ijtema, a religious gathering of about two lakh Muslims in Nirmal. Some miscreants in fact removed silencers of their bikes and started the noise ruckus at night, leading to the violence. Allegedly, the rioters also targeted the home of a right wing organization Hindu Vahini’s leader. It is said protests against CAA Bill and NRC also had some influence on the clashes between the two religious groups.

Consequently, the area turned into an uneasy calm after the clashes. Local Hindus complained about damage and loss during the Sankranthi festive season. On the other hand, senior police officials said hunt for the identification of culprits is on and they will be taken into custody soon.

Update: 26th February 2020

On 15th February 2020, a report of damage caused during the communal violence in Bhainsa was submitted to the State government of Telangana. Union Minister of State (MoS) for Home, G. Kishan Reddy visited Bhainsa and assured justice to the victims of riots. He said 101 persons were affected in the violence and the damages by way of burnt property was about 2.33 Crore rupees.

The MoS said he will assess the possibility of ordering a high level inquiry into the communal violence. He also asked the police to take stringent action against the culprits, irrespective of whatever political party they belonged to.

On the other hand, some media channels reported the aftermath in Bhainsa post 2 weeks of riots. The resident victims revealed some shocking incidents during the riots. The thousands of rioters came with petrol bombs, swords and other weapons and set fire, breaking into houses and a temple premise shouting Pakistan zindabad. They destroyed photos of Hindu deities, stamping and urinating on them – asking people if their god will come to rescue. They also made derogatory remarks on Hindu goddesses. The residents say some even shouted slogans against NRC.

The Hindu minority people in the area said they resorted to stone pelting in defense to protect themselves. Further, they expressed their anguish and concern over ineffectiveness of the local politicians in addressing the condition in Bhainsa.

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