Hundreds of Children Dead Bodies, Organs Removed: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting to Show Dead Bodies of Hundreds of Kidnapped Children Found in Container, Organs Removed
Dead Bodies of Hundreds of Kidnapped Children Found in Container, Organs Removed


Tamil Nadu police found this dead bodies of children in one truck container , this children were kidnapped from different part of country , all their organs body parts were removed like kidney , eyes , hands ,ect,,,
Pls take care of your children and froward for awareness

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1. तमिलनाडू पुलिस को एक कनटेनर से बच्चो की लॉसे मिली,इन बच्चो के जिस्म के अन्दर का हिस्सा निकाला गया है,जैसे किडनी, लीवर तमिलनाडू पुलिस ने बताया इन सारे बच्चो को अलग अलग देशो से किडनैप करके लाया गया है ……
नोट:-अपने घर के बच्चो को सम्भालो, उनका ख्याल रखो, अपने सारे ग्रुप मे यह मैसेज सेन्ड करो

2. Thailand police found this in a container vehicle.
Dead bodies of children. Their organs where found removed. They are all kidnapped and brought to Thailand from different countries, police says.
Take care of your children and share this message to your contacts.


Yesterday at 8pm the Thailand Govt found a Van with 100’s of Malaysian dead childrens without Organs in their bodies. Their organs were removed n sold. The bodies are wraped in plastics. They were caught by the Thai govt.
Pls becareful with ur children wheather they are going to school, shoping, functions, playgrounds. Pls! Be with them. Dont trust any known or unknown people with your children. Do not let them play alone or go with strangers anywhere.
Take Care all childrens. Inform Police immediately if any childrens introuble or help them. Pls! Share with all ur contacts

4. HORROR!!! Images of “Organ Farm” in Malaysia-Thailand Border

5. 100s Of Children Found in Thailand with their Organs Harvested

Fact Check:

A disturbing image showing dead bodies of few children lying on ground is shared widely on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp with different stories attached to it. Some purport to show Tamil Nadu police found the bodies of children in one truck container, saying they were kidnapped from different parts of country and that all their body parts were removed. Others suggested that Thailand police found dead bodies of hundreds of Malaysian children in a container vehicle, with their organs harvested. Although the picture showing dead bodies of children is real, and the messages warned people to take care of their children, the claim as such is not a fact.

Not a Case of Kidnapping and Organ Harvesting

The picture has been doing rounds on social media and other image sharing platforms and the stories warning people of children kidnapping and organ harvesting have been reported by some uncredible websites online. However, if the group of children were killed in such disturbing manner, the incident would have easily made into news and become popular online. There’s no such report in mainstream news outlets in Thailand, Malaysia or Tamil Nadu.

Chemical Attack in Ghouta, Syria

The children seen in the picture are real and they are all dead, but the unfortunate incident is not any case of kidnapping and organ harvesting, it actually shows the aftermath of a chemical attack that occurred in Ghouta during the Syrian Civil War on 21 August 2013. As you can see in couple of other pictures, the bodies of children are intact and no signs of organ harvesting are visible. Two opposition-controlled areas in the suburbs around Damascus City (Syria) were struck by rockets containing the chemical nerve agent Sarin. The chemical attack was carried out also against civilians, including children, on a relatively large scale causing hundreds of deaths and mass casualties.

The chemical attack in Ghouta took place during regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which was accused by Western powers and the Syrian opposition. Later in October 2013 Syria officially joined the United Nations Chemical Weapons Convention, destroying the stockpiles of chemical weapons gradually.

So the stories claiming the picture shows dead bodies of hundreds of children kidnapped and their organs removed are hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:



Ghouta chemical attack
Syrian rebels claim more than 500, including dozens of kids, dead in chemical weapons attack; Obama calls for UN probe

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