Dog Beaten to Bleed for Chewing Mommy’s Slippers: Facts

Picture Suggesting Dog Beaten to Bleed for Chewing Mommy's Slippers
Dog Beaten to Bleed for Chewing Mommy's Slippers


This is what happens when you chew up mommys slippers twice in a week. A little old fashioned b–ch training. Granny can still swing thee ol’ claw hammer.

Picture Suggesting Dog Beaten to Bleed for Chewing Mommy's Slippers
Dog Beaten to Bleed for Chewing Mommy’s Slippers


A picture with a story shared on Facebook and other image sharing websites claims to show a Bloodied Dog that was beaten by a Granny with an old claw hammer – simply for chewing up mommy’s slippers twice in a week. The picture showing the bleeding dog is genuine, but no, the claims as such are not facts.

The story in question appears to have originated from a Facebook post sharing the same, as reported on NBC 12 website on 13 March 2016. Accordingly, someone stole the photograph of a Richmond woman and created a fake Facebook profile that showed her posting the picture of bloodied dog with the ‘controversial’ story that the dog was hit by claw hammer for chewing up slippers. After the story became popular and led to several complaints, Richmond Animal Control launched an investigation and found out that the woman did not have any Facebook page, and that the bloodied dog is in fact from a case out of Oklahoma in early October 2015 where the Dog Charlie was shot by his neighbor for attacking horses. Shown in the video below is a brief news report on the incident where the dog was shot. And unfortunately, the dog Charlie had to be euthanized. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Picture of Charlie Dog with Owner
Charlie Dog with Owner

So the stories saying the bleeding dog shown in the picture was beaten with a claw hammer for chewing slippers twice in a week are simply hoaxes. Sharing such disturbing pictures on a social networking platform like Facebook, and that too with a fabricated story, is not a good idea for sure.

Hoax or Fact:


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