Girl Commits Suicide After Being Mistreated and Humiliated by College Warden: Facts

Picture about Girl Commits Suicide After Being Mistreated and Humiliated by College Warden
Girl Commits Suicide After Being Mistreated and Humiliated by College Warden


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This is to get justice for a young woman’s death. She was using mobile phone in campus, college warden mistreated her and humiliated badly. Warden broke the SIM card and threatened the girl that they’re gonna call her parents and take severe action. They treated the girl very badly and put her into stress. By result, she committed suicide.

College management turned the case that she has committed suicide because of love affair. It’s completely wrong. College management has given bribe to police and turned the case upside down. Her father was physically harassed and tortured to sign the medical certificate that she was pregnant. Now, we are the ones who needs to get justice for her. And some peoples still spreading the news that she committed suicide because of love issues, so pls dnt believe blindly and dont misunderstand anyone.

Please share this news as much as possible and get justice for that girl. Share this as if she was your sister!


The message shared widely on Facebook and other social networking websites comes with a picture claiming to show that a young woman committed suicide after she was mistreated and humiliated by her college warden — for the simple reason that she was using mobile phone in campus. The story is a mixture of hoax and facts.

About Picture

The picture that is shared with the story in question is unrelated; it actually shows Indian parents crying over the dead body of their daughter Sarala, who died in a blast at the Gokul Chat street eatery in Hyderabad in August 2007.

Real Incident

On 19 March 2014, S. Divya, an 18-year-old first year student of Vel Tech High Tech Engineering College, committed suicide at her college hostel in Thirunendrur near Avadi (Tamil Nadu), by hanging herself from a ceiling fan. According to initial police investigations, Divya, hailing from Kancheepuram, is a first year electrical and electronics engineering student, who was harassed and humiliated by lab technician & hostel warden Kaushika and head of department of MCA & supervisor of the hostel Sujatha for using cell phone beyond the permissible time. After confiscating Divya’s mobile phone and humiliating her, they read SMSes on the phone and threatened to inform her parents. Fifteen minutes after the incident, the girl killed herself, said Venkatesh Kumar, inspector, Avadi Tank Factory police station.

Protest from Students

After the suicidal death of Divya at Vel Tech High Tech Engineering College hostel, hundreds of fellow students staged a protest at the college till police resorted to lathi charge and dispersed them at 11 pm. The students were angry because the faculty member harassed Divya even after she pleaded with the teacher. Following the protest, the hostel warden and professor were arrested by police next day for causing the suicide, and the college was closed.

On Social Media

After the tragic, suicidal death of Divya, the backdrop story about strict rules and harassment in the Vel Tech High Tech Engineering College hostel was shared on Facebook by students. A Facebook community page called ‘RIP Divya‘ was also created.

Another Facebook page ‘Anna university updates’ (not official) added a post sharing the aforementioned report along with messages from various Vel Tech students. Accordingly, after Divya’s mobile was seized, the girl had to give apology letter to warden (hostel supervisor) Sujatha, after which she broke her SIM card and did not allow Divya to go to college. At this, the girl cried for hours fearing about the warning that the incident will be informed to her parents in a bad way and committed suicide. It is also said that the college management bribed police, who bet the girl’s father to force him into filing a case against the guy whom Divya loved, that the reason of her suicide is love affair. Furthermore, during the lathi charge, the policemen are said to have attacked the students brutally while forcing the hostlers to vacate the rooms.

Picture of Related News Report
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College’s Response

Speaking about the incident, K V D Kishore, the Vel Tech Group vice-president said that the management had closed the college on the advice of police, and the students are angry because they see the strict rules as intrusion into their personal affairs. He also stated that they can’t compromise on discipline and cannot allow students to do bad things.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.

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