Indian Army Dogs Attack Stone Pelter in Kashmir, Video: Fact Check

Image about Indian Army Dogs Attack Stone Pelter in Kashmir, Video
Indian Army Dogs Attack Stone Pelter in Kashmir, Video


A stone pelting Kashmiri man hit two army dogs. Since the dogs don’t wait for orders from the government, they did what they thought was right!

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1. सेना को पथ्थर मारते हुए कश्मीरी जिहादी ने दो कुत्ते को भी पथ्थर मार दिए …कुत्तो ने क्या रिएक्शन दिया है .. जिहादी पर बेरहमी से टूट पड़े … देखें वीडियो

2. शांतिदूतों ने कुत्तों पर हमला कर दिया क्योंकि उनके मजहब में वो हराम हैं, उसके बाद जो हुआ वो देखने लायक हैं ..

Fact Check:

A disturbing video is shared widely on social media sites purporting to show how two Indian Army Dogs Attack a Stone Pelter in Kashmir. It is also shared with descriptions saying the man pelting stones at the Army dogs is a Jihadi (terrorist) and the dogs did the due without waiting for any orders from the government. Although the disturbing footage of dog attack in video is real, the claims attached to it are not true.

Image about Indian Army Dogs Attack Stone Pelter in Kashmir, Video

About Dogs Attack Stone Pelter Video

Firstly, as mentioned in the accompanying messages, the incident did not take place in Kashmir and the German Shepherd dogs are not from Indian Army. There are no such reports about the video. The incident in fact took place in Morocco and appears to have taken place back in April 2013. Shown below is a report on the incident.

An altercation took place between the man walking his two dogs and a group of other people. The group began throwing items at the dogs’ owner, including trash and rocks. Since dogs have the tendency to protect their owner, they attacked one of the men and injured him badly. Throwing rocks can anger animals.

So clearly, the video does not show Indian Army dogs attacking a stone pelter or Jihadi terrorist in Kashmir. Unaware viewers went on to share the video on social media sites and also WhatsApp.

Hoax or Fact:


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