Jihadi Meerut Taxi Driver Killed 250 Non-Muslim Passengers: Fact Check

Image about Jihadi Meerut Taxi Driver Killed 250 Non-Muslim Passengers
Jihadi Meerut Taxi Driver Killed 250 Non-Muslim Passengers


A Jihadi Muslim Taxi driver killed 250 passengers in Meerut

Other Versions

1. Jihadi taxi driver admits to 250 murders of Non-Muslims around Meerut

2. Muslim Taxi Driver in Meerut admits to 250 murders of Non-Muslims in last four months; on an average two murders per day.

3. (Hindi)
मेरठ – सलीम नाम के टैक्सी ड्राईवर ने 250 लोगो का किया क़त्ल, रोजाना 2 से ज्यादा क़त्ल, पैसेंजर्स का क़त्ल

Fact Check:

A ‘shocking’ story in circulation online mentions a Jihadi Taxi driver Killed 250 Non-Muslim passengers in Meerut in last four months. Some versions also stated Salim, the taxi driver admitted to murdering more than two people per day. No, the mentioned terror killing is not true.

Muslim Driver Killed 250 Passengers?

Firstly, the described killing of 250 non-Muslim passengers did not happen in Meerut in past few months. There are no such credible reports suggesting it. The claims originated from articles published in few Hindi online outlets in early June 2019, like on dainikbharat.xyz, hinduexistence.org and hindi.indiarag.com. Notably, the article on Hindu Existence website appeared with inputs from a 2007 article on News 18 website news18.com. That article – taken down – in fact mentioned Salim admitting to murdering 250 people with the help of an accomplice. Like you can see from the text below, it did not mention the people killed are non-Muslims. Nonetheless, the ‘shocking’ story about the Muslim taxi driver killing 250 non-Muslim passengers went viral on social media sites.

Screenshot of the article
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh): In a shocking confession, a man arrested on charges of murder has claimed to having killed about 250 people in the past four months, police said on Thursday, adding that the matter was being investigated.

The accused, identified as Salim, is a middle-aged taxi driver in this Uttar Pradesh district who, along with an accomplice, used to murder his passengers and pocket away all valuables, according to police.

"During the interrogation, Salim said that he had killed about 250 people in the past four months," Meerut Senior Superintendent of Police Dipesh Juneja said.

"We laid hands on the killer during the course of investigation of a dual murder that took place on February 14," he said.

"The bodies of a medical representative and a junior engineer were found on the city outskirts. While we were still carrying out the investigation, the cell phone of the slain medical representative was found to be back in use, prompting us to track down the caller."

Police were now trying to trail Salim's accomplice in the crime.

According to the police, Salim said in his interrogation that his victims included men, women and children. Investigations were on to find out more about his crimes.

Actual Incident

While the article on News 18 website is not available, we checked for possibility of related incident. Around the same time in 2007, a report on Times of India website described a ‘Gang behind 250 murders busted‘. The article mentioned a gang of around 35 members suspected of murdering 250 people since 2003 in places of Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow, Jhansi, Kanpur and Meerut. Allegedly, the gang also killed 50-odd policemen during raids and highway attacks in areas like Faizabad, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Bahraich, Meerut and Bulandshahr districts.

The gang was posing as taxi drivers, targeting unsuspecting passengers, robbing and murdering them in deserted areas. Police caught one Salim from Bahraich City of Uttar Pradesh and interrogated him. Salim revealed how a group of taxi drivers from Bahraich stepped into the world of crime, killing passengers and robbing them. Salim also revealed the gang led by a man named Ali Ahmad used to operate in batches to evade suspicion.

So, the claims about a ‘Jihadi’ Muslim taxi driver killing 250 non-Muslim passengers in Meerut are not facts. The communal story appears like a fabrication from an old incident in 2007, where a gang looted passengers before killing.

Hoax or Fact:


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