Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scam, Shop Sealed Owners Arrested: Fact Check

Picture: Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scam in Dubai, Shop Sealed Owners Arrested
Kalyan Jewellers Scam in Dubai, Shop Sealed Owners Arrested


Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scam in DUBAI.

They closed and sealed the shop and arrested owners

Other Versions

Kalyan Jewellers got sealed in Dubai and owners arrested.

Fack Check:

A set of videos shown above purport to show that well-known brand Kalyan Jewellers are selling fake Gold Jewellery in Dubai, in part of a Scam, following which the Shop was allegedly sealed and the owners arrested. The videos in question showing Jewellery scam and fake Gold in a shop is a fact, but nonetheless the claim that it is Kalyan Jewellers shop in Dubai and that the owners were arrested for same is a hoax.

Facts about the Videos

The first video showing a pile of metallic wires inside an alleged piece of gold bangle is an old footage of Jewellery scam appearing online from at least January 2017. The second video shows massive fake gold confiscated by officials in Kuwait. The third and fourth videos, again, are old ones that caution users to check gold ornaments for iron content inside using magnet. Nonetheless, scammers can also adulterate gold with other materials not attracted to magnet.

Kalyan Jewellers Denied the Rumors

After the stories about Kalyan Jewellers selling fake gold items in Dubai spread on social media, the Chairman of the Kalyan Jewellers Group denied the rumors and called the videos as a conspiracy to malign their brand. Note, nowhere in the videos, the name of the Kalyan Jewellers appears, and if any such incident happened in case of a well-known gold seller shop, it would have made into news headlines. There are no such reports of Kalyan Jewellers selling fake or counterfeit gold in Dubai. However, earlier in September 2017, Police seized 27 Kilograms of fake gold jewellery from 26 shops in Abu Dhabi. Police said the bogus jewellery they found bore international trademarks, promoted in the market. So it is certainly wise to be careful while buying gold.

So, the claims about Kalyan Jewellers selling fake gold in Dubai, seal of shop and arrest of owners are not facts.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla