Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers: Fact Check

Picture about Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers
Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers


Gaming Companies are Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers.

Other Versions

1. Wake Up People!!!

Every year 10 million dogs are killed to make PlayStation controllers.

2. Did you know that Microsoft actually uses dog noses for thumbsticks on the gamecube controller? It takes two dogs lives to produce one controller, so if you own two controllers that’s five dogs needlessly murdered for your godless ‘entertainment’.

Stop and think about that gaymers.

Picture about Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers
Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controller

Fact Check:

A ‘disturbing’ picture story circulating online warns people about Gaming Companies Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers. Allegedly, millions of dogs are killed every year to use their noses in making game controllers, like the thumbsticks in PlayStation. So, let us check if the claim of animal abuse is really true or not.

Picture about Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers

Origin of Story

Back in September 2015, Empire News website published a related article titled “Internal Sony Documents Reveal PlayStation Controllers Are Made of Dog Noses“. According to it, Sony is using the skin from the noses of dogs as the material for the joystick, which provides a  better grip. The article also mentions private investigators of PETA and other animal rights groups are investigating into making of game controllers of other companies like Microsoft and Mad Katz. Nonetheless, Empire News is just an entertainment website that often publishes false stories.

Since at least 2016, we have seen the story appearing as funny meme on various image sharing websites. In early February 2018, the story in question appeared on Facebook page Gamers on Board. It is however an entertainment platform posting gaming clips and funny pictures that gamers relate to.

Killing Dogs Making PlayStation Controllers?

As shown in the picture, it is a fact that the game controllers have visual resemblance with Dog’s nose, but there’s nothing more to the story. As a matter of fact, making of the game controllers involves use of synthetic or plastic materials. So, the claim that gaming companies are killing dogs making PlayStation controllers is a hoax. On the contrary, using the animal skin would be a costly affair for the companies, and they would face actions from animal rights groups.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla