Leaked Video of a Missile Hitting Iran Near US Embassy: Fact Check

Image about Leaked Video of a Missile Hitting Iran Near US Embassy
Leaked Video of a Missile Hitting Iran Near US Embassy


Leaked video filmed of a missile hitting Iran near US Embassy #WW3

Fact Check:

A short video doing rounds on social media alleges to show leaked video filmed of a Missile Hitting Iran near US Embassy. In other words, it allegedly shows a footage of the Iran retaliation striking two missiles near US Embassy, leading to World War 3 (WW3). No, the claims are not true – the video is in fact an old one.

About the Missile Strikes in Iraq (not Iran) Near US Embassy

After US military carried out some airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, Iran-backed Militia group attacked US Embassy in Iraq (Baghdad). America carried the strikes further killing General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in a drone strike. Consequently, some Iran and Iraq officials and the militia group condemned the US airstrikes strongly and hinted revenge on US. That’s how the tensions lead to some concerns about World War 3.

After the funeral of the two dead commanders, 2 missiles hit the Green Zone (high-security enclave) near US Embassy in Baghdad on 4th Jan. 2020. Reports in fact suggest it is an indirect fire landing near two bases in Iraq housing U.S. and coalition forces.

After the twin blasts, American President Donald Trump threatened Iran of dangerous consequences in case of any attack on Americans or American assets.

Coming to the video in question, it is rather an old one and not any leaked video from the twin bombing in Iraq (or Iran).

Israeli Bombing in Gaza

To clarify, YouTube channel NEWSDZTECH originally shared the short video in question on 13th November 2018. It in fact shows Israeli aggression bombing Gaza City.

The night raid on 12th November 2018 shows a part of Israeli air raids and shelling on Gaza homes and a TV station. Back then Israeli artillery units shelled various positions across the densely populated enclave, including the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV station headquarters. According to a report on Al Jazeera website aljazeera.com, at least seven Palestinians, including a Hamas military commander, were killed in the strikes. Officials then said the bombing was amidst a surge in cross-border fighting. Below is another video of the Israel bombing Hamas TV station in Gaza.

Hoax or Fact:


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