Horrific Mob Lynching in India, Man Axed to Death – Video: Fact Check

Image about Horrific Mob Lynching in India, Man Axed to Death - Video
Horrific Mob Lynching in India, Man Axed to Death - Video


Horrific mob lynching in India…Man axed to death. This happens only in Modi rule, no law works.

Other Versions

1. Viral Video (Sambhal, UP) : A man killed with axe in broad daylight. People recorded it on video and posted on social media.

2. (Hindi)
इस वीडियो को इतना भेजो की कल तक नरेंद्र मोदी और साड़ी दुनिया के मन्त्रियों क पास पहुँच जाए |
ताकि इन जानवरों को सज़ा मिले | वो भी कैसा इंसान जो इसको देख कर तड़प न जाए और इस वीडियो को शेयर नहीं करे |
modi .tere raj me to konon ka koi kam nh hai

Image about Horrific Mob Lynching in India, Man Axed to Death - Video

Fact Check:

An extremely disturbing video is circulating on WhatsApp and social media alleging to show a mob lynching incident in India, where a man is beaten brutally and then Axed to death. The graphic video carries a text message in Hindi suggesting – “Modi, in your rule, law has no working role“. It also carries a text asking every sensible viewer to share the video so that it reaches Modi and all politicians across world and the killers are punished. The video is unfortunately real, but the said claims about Indian origins of it are not true.

About the Video ‘Mob Lynching: Man Axed’

The horrific video in fact shows a group of boys stoning one boy and beating him with wooden boards before hacking to death with an axe. The victim keeps pleading and succumbs to a tragic and painful death. We are not sharing the video because of its extreme graphic nature. The incident is shared as a deadly mob lynching in India in broad daylight, blaming Narendra Modi governance.

The video in question went viral in India earlier in May 2018 also. Back then some news outlets reported that months after the man (killed in video) from Uttar Pradesh went missing, his family sees the murder on viral WhatsApp clip. They said the murderers killed a man, mutilated his body and sent the video to his family. The reports named the person as Ajab Singh from Sambhal, who went to Delhi eight months back in search of work. Ajab Singh’s brother Bunty told a news agency that he received the video on WhatsApp from an unknown person in Azamgarh. The family complained Police about the video and they tried to verify the claims. Video below shows a Hindi news report of it.

On the other hand, the video also circulated online with other claims saying the brutal killing took place in Morocco, North Africa.

Actual Whereabouts of the Murder

Firstly, as we examine the video, the language spoken by the boys does not sound Indian. The dressing style of them also does not look Indian. As we searched for the actual whereabouts of the incident, we found the video on couple of gore websites saying the brutal killing of the teenager with axe took place in Brazil. Further search revealed the incident took place in Praia do Futuro, in Fortaleza (Northeastern Brazil). The unfortunate victim is 17-year-old boy Wesley Tiago de Sousa Carvalho and the murder took place in late December 2017.

Back then the video circulated on WhatsApp groups with claims saying Wesley Tiago was killed because of his sexual orientation. The video viral then shocked and scared LGBT community. However, after investigation, Police officials denied it as LGBT phobic crime and said it was a gang fight of hatred to settle score.

To conclude, the gore video showing a man beaten and axed to death by the group is not an incident of mob lynching in India. It is a hate crime of gang fight that took place in Brazil. Looks like, the fabricated story is an attempt to spoil the reputation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his rule.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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