Mother, Child Buried Alive by Hindus in Delhi Riots – Video: Fact Check

Image about Mother, Child Buried Alive by Hindus in Delhi Riots - Video
Mother, Child Buried Alive by Hindus in Delhi Riots - Video


Warring: Horrific Video of a Mother and Child Buried Alive by charged mob of Hindus during Delhi Riots.

Other Versions

1. Horrific video of a mother and child buried alive in India by Hindu Terrorists – Recovered Alive

2. Muslims are being buried alive in India.

Fact Check:

A Horrific Video is doing rounds heavily on social media alleging to show a mob of Hindus Buried Alive a Mother and Child during Delhi Riots. It shows a man taking out a child and a woman buried inside earth. Accompanying messages suggest showing ‘Hindu terrorists’ are burying Muslims alive in India. No, the claims are not true and explained here.

Origin of Claim

On 29th February 2020, a Twitter user from Pakistan’s Karachi @marifthahim shared the disturbing video claiming Muslims are being buried alive in India. Next day, a member of the House of Lords of UK, Nazir Ahmed also shared the video with similar claims, thanking god for their recovery. Soon, an article on website shared the same story saying Hindu Terrorists did it during Delhi riots. The article goes on to thank Muslim residents for saving the mother and child and calls India a fascist Hindu state.

Likewise, the horrific story went viral on social media. However, the fact of the matter is something else and the video is not even from India.

‘Mother Child Buried Alive’ – Honor Killing in Pakistan

A Twitter user pointed to the article on Parhlo website describing the actual incident of Honor Killing in Muzaffargarh, Pakistan. We checked images from the video to confirm the case involving unfortunate death of 21-year-old girl Aiman and her new born son.

The husband of Aiman, Mukhtiar Hussain said they both had a love marriage and the girl’s family was not happy about it. Aiman’s brothers allegedly abducted her and her child in early February 2020 and killed them later in the name of ‘honor’. Police came to the area after investigating about the missing mother and child. Police arrested Aiman’s brothers in late February. Local DSP, Aijaz Bukhari said they will deal with the criminals severely.

So, what you see in the video is an honor killing incident in Pakistan. Sadly, both the mother and her new born child died. It is not any case of Hindus killing Muslims in India.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla