Motorcycle Rider Jumps Train Tracks to Evade Police, Video: Fact Check

Image about Motorcycle Rider Jumps Train Tracks to Evade Police, Video
Motorcycle Rider Jumps Train Tracks to Evade Police, Video


Motorcycle Rider Jumps Train Tracks as he Evades Police

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In an effort to evade the police, a motorcyclist jumps train tracks

Fact Check:

An ‘amazing’ video doing rounds online claims to show a Motorcycle Rider Jumps over Train tracks in an effort to evade police. It shows the bike rider jumping high over a train track and landing safely on other side. The video is real, but shows a professional biker’s planned stunt as explained here.

Video About Motorcycle Rider Jumps Train

The video in question is doing rounds online since at least 2018. However, like the accompanying messages suggest, the man is not an ordinary biker trying to evade police. He is X Games 2019 gold-medal winner Colby Raha performing train jump segment for moto-themed film On The Pipe 7. Apparently, the local police tried to stop the professional biker doing the stunt because of the deadly risk involving the stunt.

Earlier in April 2017, another 24-year-old biker Kyle Katsandris from San Clemente (California) planned to jump “an expanse across railroad tracks” in the 500 block of West Los Angeles Avenue. He was trying to imitate his hero Colin Morrison’s feat of a train jump on a dirt bike in Simi Valley, California.

It all started in 2004, when Colin Morrison jumped across the same gap as Colby Raha did – for On the Pile 1. But unfortunately in 2017, Kyle Katsandris overshot his landing zone and crashed in the jump. He was critically injured but stable, ending up in hospital. The motorbike stunts of Colin Morrison, Kyle Katsandris and Colby Raha are shown in the below video of Power Band films.

Back then Police officials said such stunts are extremely dangerous and illegal. So, they try to discourage copycats doing such deadly stunts.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Hoax.

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