Muslim Immigrants Attack Saint-Denis Church in France: Fact Check

Alleged Image of Muslim Immigrants Attack Saint-Denis Church in France
Muslim Immigrants Attack Saint-Denis Church in France


Muslim Immigrants Attack a Catholic Church During Mass in Saint-Denis, France.

Fact Check:

A video doing rounds on social media, especially on Facebook, purports to show Muslim Immigrants Attacked Saint-Denis Church in France during Mass service. So, let us check if the claim that comes with the video is true or not.

Origin of Story

On 20th March 2018, Facebook page News World shared the video in question with a description, “Saint-Denis (France) Muslim immigrants attack a Catholic church during the mass. The police try to stop them“. The video shows a group of Policemen forcefully sending out many people from inside the Saint-Denis Catholic Church in France.

Muslim Immigrants Attack Saint-Denis Church?

Contrary to the claim that Muslims ‘attacked’ the Church during Mass service, we could see in the video some smiling faces and many non-Muslim people among the group. We could hear certain slogans and noise, but there is no serious action from the police present at the scene. The video shows a real incident, but the description that comes with it is not true.

The claim in question is a hoax. As explained on Breitbart website, on 18th March 2018, around 80 far-left activists and illegal migrants invaded the Basilica of Saint-Denis. They were protesting the French government’s new bill which makes it difficult for people to seek asylum in the country. After around an hour, Police were called, and they evacuated the protesters and illegal immigrants from the Church.

As a result, the evening mass of the Saint-Denis Church was cancelled, in case the protesters returned. It should also be noted, as told in the story, there was no mass going on at the time of protest. The video above shows a footage from the incident – with the right description.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla