Muslim Man Slaps Christian Female Teacher in School: Video – Hoax

Picture Suggesting Muslim Man Slaps Christian Female Teacher in School, Video
Muslim Man Slaps Christian Female Teacher in School, Video


Muslim man slaps Christian female teacher in school


Warning: Video in this article is age-restricted. Content in it can be disturbing to certain viewers.

A video in circulation online claims to show a shocking scene where a Muslim Man repeatedly Slaps a Christian Female Teacher in School. Although what is seen in the video is real, the claim as such, that a Muslim man slaps a Christian female teacher is not a fact.

The man seen in the video repeatedly slapping the woman is a Russian Cult leader Alexander Shevtsov in what he calls “The Academy of Self-Knowledge” in the city of Ivanovo in Central Russia, according to Aplinkkeliai website Alexander Shevtsov is an Ethnographer and Psychologist by training and often followed such behaviour, he was in fact called The Slapping Preacher. There are other videos showing him beating people with stick, and even punching and kicking them badly.

The video of Alexander Shevtsov slapping a woman among a group of people, where he seems to be teaching something, is seen online since at least July 2014 on Live Leak website While the Russian video is shared widely on social media and video sharing websites with the claim that a Muslim man slaps a Christian female teacher at school when his girl says there’s blasphemy in classroom, the exact nature of the incident and reason for slapping is not clear. Nonetheless, the claim that a ‘Muslim man’ slaps ‘Christian female teacher’ in school is certainly a hoax. As you can read some such stories in Related Stories section below, it is unfortunate, false allegations in the name of different faiths and beliefs spread often online.

Hoax or Fact:


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