Muslim Men Harass Muslim Women Buying in Hindu Shops: Fact Check

Image about Muslim Men Harass Muslim Women Buying in Hindu Shops
Muslim Men Harass Muslim Women Buying in Hindu Shops


Muslim Women getting harassed by Muslim men for buying clothes from Hindu shops. As per their claims, it’s clear in both the videos that, clear instructions are being given in masjids all over the country, not buy any goods from Hindu shops.

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Muslim women thrashed by Muslim men for buying clothes from non Muslim shops in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Fact Check:

Some videos popular on social media allege to show groups of Muslim Men Harassing Muslim Women Shopping and Buying from Hindu Shops during Ramazan. They also claim clear instructions are given in Masjids all over India not to buy any goods from Hindu shops. So, let us examine the facts and details of the incidents.

Muslim Men ‘Moral Policing’ Muslim Women Shopping from Hindu Stores

Most of the incidents in the videos took place in Davangere City of Karnataka, India. In different videos, you can see group of Muslim men questioning and scolding burqa-clad women for purchasing clothes or others from Hindu stores. The women try to request them saying they need to shop for Ramazan celebrations, but fail.

At least four such videos became viral on social media in mid May 2020 and received lot of backlash. Some Muslim men scolded and gave ‘moral policing’ to some Muslim women shopping in Hindu stores. The saffron color bags they were carrying the bought clothes were snatched and thrown away. The angry mob then forced the women to board an auto-rickshaw to return back to their homes. In one video, you can also hear a person insulting Hindus saying they do not believe in Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, maintain double standards and back stab.

On Twitter, BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje described the incident as radicals threatening Muslim women for purchasing garments from a Hindu’s shop in Davanagere. She also suggested the religious extremists who are enforcing Sharia in a democratic nation must be given the taste of Indian law.

About the Reasons and Instructions?

The group of Muslim men in fact questioned the Muslim women why they came out for shopping when there were instructions from Masjids telling them not to shop this Ramazan. They say masjids announced the same in speakers. It is perhaps because of the lockdown to contain the spread of deadly Coronavirus. Below is a report of Times Now news on the incidents in the viral videos.

While police downplayed the incidents initially, they registered a case and arrested five men in the video restricting women from purchasing from a store. As of this writing, there is no evidence Masjids all over India gave instructions not to buy any goods from Hindu shops. Voice of the nation, Organiser website reported local media questioning Muslim leaders on the behavior of the youth in the videos. The leaders said the Muslim men are stopping the women from buying anything during Ramazan, not specifically targeting Hindu shops. However, the language and words in the videos show a different picture of the incidents.

After Jamaat incident in Delhi, videos surfaced online showing some Muslims selling fruits and vegetables in unhygienic ways. They created fears amid the spread of deadly Coronavirus. Consequently, some Hindus avoided buying from Muslim road side vendors. So, it is possible, the incidents in the videos and hatred against Hindus are also linked to it.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


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