Muslim Woman and Her Daughter Killed by a Car, Video: Fact Check

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Image about Muslim Woman and Her Daughter Killed by a Car, Video
Muslim Woman and Her Daughter Killed by a Car, Video


This video is from UP where a Muslim woman and her minor daughter was killed by an Alto Car.
The driver had deliberately killed the Muslim women and her daughter might be because of Growing Islamophobia?
Disturbing visuals: Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon!

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Islamophobia in India

ये कल की घटना है #यूपी में बलिया जिले के रसड़ा इलाके की सड़क के किनारे एक #मुस्लिम नकाबपोश #औरतअपनेबच्ची के साथ जा रही थी पीछे से एक #आॅल्टोवालाजानबूझकरगाड़ीकिनारे ले जाकर उस #नकाबपोश_महिला और उसकी #बच्ची पर #चढ़ा देता जिनसे दोनों वहीं दम तोड़ देते है
क्या किया था इस #बेगुनाह औरत और उसकी #बच्ची ने जो सरे आम #सड़कों पर मार दिया जाता है?
ये #नफरत फैल चुकी है इस देश में… #मुसलमान कोरोना और इन #नफरती लोगो,, दोनों से लड़ रहा है देश में।

Fact Check:

A video viral on social media alleges to show a Muslim Woman and Her Daughter Deliberately Killed by a Speeding Car. It claims the disturbing incident happened in Uttar Pradesh (UP) state of India for growing Islamophobia. Although the video and accident is real, the associated claims are not true.

Not Muslim Woman and Daughter Killed in Car Accident

The disturbing incident in question took place in afternoon hours of Sunday 26th April 2020 near Rasra Nagar area of Ballia district in UP. The speeding car hit the woman and her daughter deliberately and fled away. But unlike the claims, they were not Muslims. The victims were Usha Devi (40) and her 12-year-old daughter Pushpanjali (Bholi). While Usha Devi died on the spot, Pushpanjali died later during treatment in a hospital. Both the woman and her daughter were returning from labor work and died in the unfortunate incident. Their bodies have been sent for post-mortem.

Ballia Police shared the FIR copy of the hit and run crime after a Twitter user asked about the details of the disturbing incident.

So, the car killing of two Hindu persons is used to fabricate a false, communal story mentioning Islamophobia.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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