Muslim Youth Beat Two Traffic Police Cops for Challan, Video: Fact Check

Muslim Youth Beat Two Traffic Police Cops for Challan, Video


Muslim Youth Beat Two Traffic Police Cops.

When traffic police issue a challan for violating traffic rules what you usually do? You pay fine and leave from there. But look how Muslim Youth beaten two traffic police

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पुलिस द्वारा चालान काटने पर मुसलमानो ने उनकी पिटाई की


పోలీసులు చలాన్ కత్తిరించిన తరువాత ముస్లింలు అతన్ని కొట్టారు. 

Fact Check:

A disturbing video is doing rounds on social media alleging to show Muslim Youth Beating Two Traffic Police Cops after they issue a Challan for Violating Traffic rules. Yes, the claims are true, but the incident is an old one from July 2015.

Muslim Youth Beat Two Traffic Police Cops

The unfortunate incident took place on 13th July 2015, at around 10 am at the Bhajanpura-Gokulpuri crossing on the Wazirabad Road in North East Delhi, India. According to the younger traffic police Manoj Kumar, two bike riders Shahnawaz Ahmed (25) and Amir (18) drove through red light, swerving dangerously and sped through the traffic. Manoj stopped them and asked for driver license. They were issued a challan of 100 rupees for not wearing helmet. The two youth allegedly showed attitude saying they are locals and need not pay the fine. When the traffic head constable Jai Bhagwan insisted on payment, they started abusing and tried to drive away. Then the other traffic head constable Jai Bhagwan removed the keys of the bike and apparently argument continued.

Meanwhile, one of the youth called up their relatives and a crowd gathered asking to cancel the challan and let the men go as they were locals heading home after Ramzaan prayers. It’s unclear who started the fight first, but the video shows father of the boys Sagir Ahmed and the small group of Muslims hitting the two traffic police cops badly. They also tear off clothes of the elder traffic constable and push the other onto ground, punching and kicking him.

In between fight, the elderly traffic head constable had to run and hide inside a booth nearby. The angry mob also broke Manoj’s mobile phone and traffic challan generating machines. Abusing can also be heard in the video. A passerby who recorded the incident on mobile said Sagir Ahmed “kept saying that the policemen were trying to implicate his sons and asked bystanders to join them in beating up the cops“. However, as more passersby gathered, the mob dispersed from the spot.

Traffic Cops Hospitalized

After the mob left the spot, the traffic police called control room and they were admitted to a hospital for treatment. While Manoj Kumar suffered internal injuries to his chest and back, Jai Bhagwan had bruises on his face and chest. They were discharged after treatment. The video went viral at the time in 2015 and the incident questioned the safety of traffic policemen on duty. People condemned the ugly incident of road rage in Delhi.

On the other hand, soon after the incident Police arrested the three men Sagir Ahmed, Shahnawaz and Amir, booking cases against them for assaulting the traffic cops. They were looking out for the others. Police said the brothers were car mechanics working in the Bhajanpura area and their father was unemployed. The video from 2015 keeps surfacing online, sometimes with communal and political narratives.

Hoax or Fact:



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