Muslims in India Mixing Medicines & Making Hindus Infertile: Fact Check

Image about Muslims in India Mixing Medicines & Making Hindus Infertile
Muslims in India Mixing Medicines & Making Hindus Infertile


After Sri Lanka, Muslims in India also mixing medicines in Juice and Tea Shops and Making Hindus Infertile..

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ముస్లీముల జ్యూస్ షాపులలో, టీ షాపులలో హిందువులకు పిల్లలు పుట్టకుండా కలిపే మందులు శ్రీలంకలోనే కాదు ఇప్పుడు భారత్ లో కూడా #జాగోహిందూ

Fact Check:

A video is doing rounds on social media alleging to show after Sri Lanka, Muslims in India also Mixing Medicines in Juice and Tea Shops for Making Hindus Infertile. It shows a group of people reprimanding a Juice vendor. Although the video is real, the claims attributed to it are not true.

Video about Muslims in India Making Hindus Infertile?

The video in question shows a group of people showing some kind of food adulteration in a juice shop before reprimanding the vendor. On the other hand, accompanying story also refers to an alleged Population Jihad in Sri Lanka. A Muslim doctor forcibly sterilized thousands of Hindu and Buddhist women patients without their consent.

The Actual Incident

The video shows an incident from early October 2019. It took place at a Delhi Juice Corner in Main Bazar (Market) of Roorkee City in Uttarakhand, India. A dengue patient came to the juice corner and ordered a juice as suggested by doctor. The consumer caught the vendor taking a box of chemical from beneath and pouring it in glass for making an adulterated juice.

The consumer and the people nearby got angry at the food adulteration and created a scene of it. Reportedly, they beat the vendor after which even police came to the spot and calmed the situation.

Looks like, after the incident, the person speaking in the video requests Chief Minister to investigate into the food adulteration and check all Delhi Juice Corners in Uttarakhand. Before it, he says the artificial readymade mango shake is made using harmful, colored chemicals and same goes with milk shake and badam (Almonds) shake. He points – the box of chemical not carrying any label – is served with milk. He also says the chemical contains pesticide and high saccharine content which can fail liver and damage pancreas, especially in case of children.

So, the video shows a possible case of food adulteration and harmful chemicals mixed in a juice corner. As a matter of fact, such incidents are not new and most likely happen in other places also. However, there are no reports or hints the incident has anything to do with making Hindus infertile. So, it is not a case of population jihad where Muslims in India are mixing medicines for making Hindus infertile and incapable of producing children.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla