Huge Stacks of Black Money Found in Godown of a Politician: Fact Check

Image about Huge Stacks of Black Money Found in Godown of a Politician
Huge Stacks of Black Money Found in Godown of a Politician


Huge Stacks of Black Money Found in Godown of a Tamil Nadu MP after a Fire Accident.

Other Versions

1. Cash Cash and Cash only.
One of Tamilnadu Politician – Fire in his godown Today – Currency burnt is meagre only. But see the stash of unaccounted money.

2. Big fire accident in tamilnadu mp’ s godown.
Lost crores of black money.
Must watch it now.

3. NAB Found Billion Rupees At Agha Siraj Durrani’s Home at the basement

4. Russian senator Arashukov money. He was trying to get rid of them.
Russian senator and politic 36 years old Rauf Arashukov was arrested two weeks ago right at the senates session. Now he is accused in bribery and two assassination orders. As FSB was about to enter their office his people tried to burn the money since it’s an obvious proof. They couldn’t burn all of them. Millions of euro and dollars in stacks.

Fact Check:

A short video is doing rounds on social media claiming to show Huge Stacks of Black Money Found in Godown of a Tamil Nadu MP after a fire accident. It appears to show stacks of various currency notes some of which seems burnt. No, the stacks of black money is not real.

Various Versions

The 30 seconds clip appearing to show huge stacks of black money is circulating online with different claims, in various languages. Some versions said the said person tried to burn the crores of unaccounted currency while officials from finance department were to raid his home. The video also appeared in other countries like Pakistan and Russia with similar black money claims mentioning names of local politicians or businessmen. While one version mentioned Russian senator Arashukov, another one mentioned Pakistani politician Agha Siraj Durrani.

Not Stacks of Black Money

Yes, what you see in the popular video is not real stacks of black money in someone’s godown. It is in fact an Art installation in Spain showing a room filled with stacks of various currency notes. The artist Alejandro Monge shared the video on his Instagram account monge_art (shown above). The currency notes are also not real and made out of paint. The other two videos below from his Instagram account confirm the same. The artist created it in detail for Art Madrid festival in 2018.

So, the messages saying the video shows huge stacks of black money in godown of a politician/businessman are just hoaxes. In July 2018, however, Tamil Nadu Income Tax Department recovered over 100 Crore of suspected unaccounted money in cash after multiple raids in a road construction firm. They also seized nearly 90 Kg of Gold bullion. News reports of the incident showed somewhat similar pictures of huge stacks of currency notes. It’s possible someone mixed up the real news item and the video of art installation showing stacks of cash.

Hoax or Fact:


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